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Next Meeting - 3 March 5:00pm CET

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Meeting ID: 453 590 365

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+33 7 5678 4048
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+49 69 7104 9922
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+49 30 5679 5800


+46 850 539 728
+46 8 4468 2488

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Agenda (proposal)

Agenda items (to be prioritized at the beginning of the call)

  • project plan update - filling workitem description and definition of done
  • discussion on proof-of-concept resourcing
  • AOB
  • Backlog

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    • Android Compatibility Definition Document
    • Software architectural task force : Vehicle Data architecture for Android
    • Comparison of how vehicle properties are managed by Android 9 and 10 (Q) - further inputs
    • question to address in the group: what do participating companies intend to do with the JAPI (Java API similar to CommonAPI for Android) ? this building block is currently missing
    • Signal to service translation
    • Secure access control in Some/IP

  • AOB

Tuesday 18 February - 5:30pm CET


  • Alex (BMW, software architecture team, connection to Android, finding the best solution to connect AA to BMW cars), Wassim (BMW), Steven Hartley (GM, infotainment connectivity architect, based in Montreal), Guru (Bosch), Andrii (EPAM), Stefan (Tieto), Johan (melco), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar, Philippe (GENIVI)
  • apologies: Sachin (Mercedes-Benz)


  • Roundtable
  • Recap on PoC architectural design
  • Call for participation
  • AOB


Recap on PoC architectural design

  • Alex: presents the so-called External Data Server Proof-of-Concept architecture
    • on the right side, this is the Android Automotive based infotainment unit
    • what we did: we tried to open our mind w.r.t. the abstraction to our bordnet interfaces

    • explains the rationale for the work done

      • point #1 is abstraction

      • point #2 is to bring this into the vehicle, this is where we use VISS (the implementation of VSS)

  • Steven: this seems to me a way to solve the deployment of OEMs / Tiers 1 applications

  • Steven: how do you solve the deployment of third party applications ? will this still use the vehicle HAL and the vehicle properties ?

  • Alex: explains we would like to go to Google with this proposal

  • Steven: will you put the VSS server in the appstore ?

  • Alex: we have not considered it yet
  • Steven: how do you intend to go to Google ?
  • Gunnar: we had contact with Google Automotive team in the past, but people have changed, we intend to reach out to Google through OEMs
  • Andrii: only the access to the data is external to the data server , there is some kind of confusion between internal & external data server architecture in my opinion
  • Stephen: we need to think about the safety domain in the vehicle EE architecture, we might have the data server running on the safety domain
  • Andrii: how do you manager the question of permissions for accessing data when the car stops vs the car moves
  • Alex: there are properties in the VSS and we will define groups with permissions that will be enhanced with the manifest files at application level, the management of these 2 set of datas will be probably handled at application level, but this is to confirm
  • Philippe: shows the PoCs we identified and their priorities
  • Philippe: we need an updated version of Vehicle HAL Architectural Design Concepts presenting the various architectural design options

Call for participation to PoC activities

Next events

  • Tuesday 25 February 5pm CET - "all-hands" monthly call : recap of AASIG activities at management level
  • Tuesday 3 March 5pm CET - next Vehicle HAL call
  • calendar invites will be sent

Tuesday 11 February - 5pm CET


  • Andrii (EPAM), Piotr, Stefan, Viet-Ahn (Tieto), Johan (melco), Suhasini (Analog Devices), Richard (Harman), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar, Philippe
  • apologies: Sachin, Alex


  • Overview of last week's F2F outcome
  • Call for participation
  • AOB


Overview of last week's F2F outcome

  • Philippe presents the outcome of the meeting using this slide deck
  • Meeting was productive and the team had a very good collaborative spirit
  • we were able to pass the milestone from the brainstorming stage to a proof-of-concept development stage
  • Gunnar delivers a short description of the  2 Audio HAL proof-of-concepts identified in the meeting (for information for this call participants)
  • Philippe presents the  4 Vehicle HAL pocs identified in the meeting
  • Gunnar delivers a description of the External Data Server concept architectural design
  • Philippe presents also the roadmap for the poc (note that the tech brief roadmap will be aligned to the same)
  • Philippe introduces the work breakdown structure for this poc. Work items will be introduced in Jira once a description and a definition of done is available for each of them.
  • Philippe presents also the intended execution platform for the poc
  • Minutes of the F2F meeting are here
  • Philippe asks participants for their feedback and comments in the wiki

Call for participation

  • Philippe calls for participation in the work items identified for the pocs and also for contributions to the tech briefs.
  • Expectation is to have feedback on AASIG participants commitment no later than the end of the month in order to start the poc asap and meet the first milestone of GENIVI AMM on 12 May.

Vehicle HAL call schedule

  • Philippe proposes to have a weekly period for the Vehicle HAL call starting today
  • Next call will be scheduled on Tuesday 18 February at 5pm CET

Vehicle HAL F2F Meeting 4-5 February


F2F meeting organization

Tuesday 21 January - 5pm CET


  • Andrey, Johan, Markku, Pontus Fuchs, Stefan K, Stefan W, Piotr, Stephen L, Patrick, Guru, Alexander, Gunnar, Philippe
  • apologies: Sachin


  • VSS Layers concept vs. access control groups (Gunnar's presentation)
  • F2F agenda review and preparation organization


VSS Layers concept

  • Gunnar: shows the slide deck introducing the VSS layers concept
    • the concept was already presented to the GENIVI CCS project team and is being introduced on the W3C mailing list, positive feedback received
  • Alex: asked a question about the granularity of the access to the data, discussion on the relationship with VSS layers and access groups

  • Piotr: there is another method to access the data called "content provider", it would be good to check the access control with this approach as well

  • the concept will be discussed further at the upcoming F2F

F2F agenda review and preparation organization

  • agenda updated on line, look here

Tuesday 14 January - 5pm CET


  • Sachin, Stefan, Markku, Marcin, Gunnar, Johan, Alexander, Stephen L, Philippe
  • apologies: Guru


  • F2F meeting organization - logistics
  • F2F agenda topics - preparation readiness


F2F meeting organization - logistics

  • Alexander: added the address of the BMW office where the meeting will be hosted ("the 4-cylinder building" near the Olympic park) and the list of recommended hotels to the wiki, look here
  • review of the participation list
    • who is interested in the Audio HAL in addition to the Vehicle HAL ?
      • Sachin: could spend half-a-day on Day 2 on the audio HAL
      • Piotr: interested in both topics
      • Patrick (Mobis) interested in both topics, will join remotely
      • Nassim (Mobis) interested in Audio HAL, will attend physically
      • Markku
      • Andrey: Philippe will reach him out to check he can join remotely
    • Philippe: will check the participation of the Audio HAL team members this week

F2F agenda topics - preparation readiness

  • review of TODOs from agenda draft (there) put together during last call
  • TODOs were on the security design
    • Android permission model
      • Stefan has prepared a slide deck on connecting VSS and Android permissions model
    • External service approach
      • /TODO/ Alexander will contact Giovanni about the Adaptive Autosar Identify and Access Management model
    • The VSS Layers concept could be used to put signals into access control groups
      • Gunnar said that some basic ideas are in a presentation he made to the CCS project
      • /TODO/ Gunnar deliver this presentation at the next call Vehicle HAL call (on Tuesday 21 January)

Android permission model

  • Stefan shows this slidedeck,  sample code is there (not uploaded yet)
  • Alex: what is the granularity of the properties ? one application can access to 5 leaves (of the VSS tree) and another to 20 leaves of the VSS tree, how to hande it ?

  • Stefan; this is possible

  • Gunnar: who owns the signing key ?

  • Stefan: the OEM owns it
  • Alex: very good presentation, thanks

Next call

  • Philippe: proposes to have a Vehicle HAL call next Tuesday at 5pm CET (because Tuesday 28 January slot will be occupied by the AASIG All Hands call)
  • all agreed

Tuesday 17 December - 5pm CET


  • Jimhyuk, Patrick, Pontus, Stefan, Piotr, Gunnar, Guru, Johan, Alexander Stephen L, Philippe
  • apologies: Sachin, Pete


  • Next events: calls and F2F meeting organization - date planning - look here
  • F2F agenda: gathering of topics


Next events

  • F2F meeting organization - date planning - look here
    • decision  F2F will happen on 4-5 February 2020, location: BMW, Munich, Germany
    • for those who have not filled their participation info yet, please fill the table
  • next calls: 14 January and 28 January 2020 at 5pm CET

F2F agenda

  • list of topics and assignment of preparation work is provided there

Tuesday 3 December - 5pm CET


  • Stefan, Piotr, Gunnar, Guru, Johan, Pete, Stephen L, Sachin, Viet-Ahn, Philippe, 10 participants
  • apologies: Alexander


  • Permission schemes
  • Android Compatibility Definition Document (skipped to next call)
  • Software architectural task force : Vehicle Data architecture for Android
  • Next events: calls and F2F meeting organization - date planning - look here
  • Backlog
    • question to address in the group: what do participating companies intend to do with the JAPI (Java API similar to CommonAPI for Android) ? this building block is currently missing


Permission schemes

  • Stefan presents this deck
  • .Sachin: I understood that the properties are not stable yet, do we still need to investigate  properties further ?

  • Stefan: there is only one way to customize the permission via the CAR_VENDOR_EXTENSION, we need to understand this comprehensively

  • discussion follows followed by discussion on implementation

Vehicle Data architecture for Android

  • Philippe: how to relate this to the architectural concepts identified already  ? can someone do some work before EoY ?answer seems to be everyone busy with CES.


  • Gunnar introduces shorlty the topic of developing jointly a component implementing Java APIs for Androif

Next events

  • next calls are scheduled on Tuesday 17 December a,d Tuesday 14 January
  • F2F meeting: participation table is here. Please fill it on

Tuesday 19 November - 5pm CET


  • Sachin, Gunnar, Gerald, Piotr, Pontus, Stefan, Viet-ahn, Guru, Alexander, Philippe
  • Apologies: Johan, Pete,


  • Summary of Tech Summit and discussion about the latest architecture pictures.
    • Gunnar shows the update on the architecture made during last week's workshop in Detroit

    • Pictures are included in the (commented) Tech Summit slide deck attached to this page.
  • Proposal for organizing a second F2F meeting before EoY, meeting could possibly hosted by Tieto in Poland
  • /TODO/ Gunnar create a duddle to gather the possible meeting dates and then send the date and other requirements for the meeting to Viet-Ahn
  • /TODO/ Gunnar create a wiki page to gather the inputs and outcome of discussion on the architectural design
  • Alex: we need to identify the building blocks in the architecture diagrams
  • Alex: for instance we need to add the authorization / permission scheme stuff, one approach is to reuse Google permission scheme
  • discussion on ServiceIds in Android
  • Stefan: posts the following link:
  • Sachin: I would recommend that we look for what we are violated from Google ? what contradicts the certification requirements of the CTS ? IMHO we need to have to look at the level of the standardized requirements that the CTS checks

  • Stefan: IMHO we are not violating anything but a way to check it is to look at the Android Compatibility Definition Document:
  • Assignment of work items (for the next meeting)

    1. how permission schemes are managed for custom properties, how access control is managed, vendor extension of the permission (assigned to: Stefan)
    2. reviewing the someip identity and access management,  GPRO has already reviewed this, they need to provide their review results to the Vehicle HAL project (assigned to: GPRO participants)
    3. review of the Android Compatibility Definition Document (assigned to: Sachin)

22 October 2019

slide deck

Minutes in Word

8 October 2019

slide deck

Minutes in Word

25 September 2019

Minutes in Word

10 September 2019

Minutes in Word


28 August 2019

Minutes in Word


VSS presentation (warning) NOTE the current VSS is not at the link listed in this presentation.  It is now stored at

13 August 2019

Minutes in Word

30 July 2019 Project Kickoff Meeting

Minutes in Word

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