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Project Overview

Automotive OEMs are increasingly adopting Androidtm Automotive (embedded) as a solution for their IVI stack.  This adoption has introduced a series of challenges around integrating the Android Automotive embedded solution into existing legacy software and into other systems present in the vehicle (security, vehicle data, etc.).

Through a GENIVI-hosted Android Automotive SIG project, OEMs, their suppliers and the broader cockpit software ecosystem can discuss requirements, identify gaps and provide an aligned, community voice for discussion with the Google Android Automotive team.

Areas of Focus

The following list of topics were adopted in the original project charter.  Additional topics are likely to be added as the project proceeds:

  • Extensions required for Android in an automotive environment 
    • Audio management
    • Lifecycle, diagnosis and health monitoring
    • Multi-display support
    • Cluster integration
  • Platform requirements
    • Security
    • Access to vehicle information
    • Non-OEM validated 3rd party applications downloaded to the vehicle
  • Responsibility for long-term maintenance
    • Defining boundaries where Tier 1s/OEMs must take primary responsibilities over Google Android Automotive team support
    • Keeping an automotive system updated to support new versions of Android
      • On software level (Treble)
      • On hardware level (“cartridge” concept).


  • BMW (Chris Brandt)
  • Daimler/Mercedes-Benz R&D NA (Charnjiv Bangar)
  • FCA (Rob Denby)
  • Renault Nissan Mitsubuishi Alliance (John Schnoes)
  • Harman (Sujal Shah)
  • Bosch (TBD)
  • Mentor (TBD)

Point of Contact

Next Meeting

(green star) TBD

Agenda (preliminary)

    • TBD

Project Charter

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