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Chromium can run on a Wayland platform using the Ozone-Wayland layer. In particular, we are using a multi-seat fork available at jaragunde/ozone-wayland.

Users can build Chromium together with the GDP using the chromium branch available in the genivi-dev-platform/tree/chromium repository. Check that specific branch out, then follow GDP instructions normally.

Status of hardware support:

  • Minnowboard: working
  • R-Car gen 3: working
  • Raspberry Pi: run-time crash
  • Dragonboard: build finishes successfully, not tested on real hardware

More information:

  • Instructions to setup Chromium on multi-seat (external link).
  • Presentation in GENIVI AMM May 2017: Integration of the Chromium Browser in the GENIVI Platform (slides).
  • Presentation in GENIVI AMM May 2017: Update on the Open Source Browser Space (slides).
  • Presentation in GENIVI AMM October 2015: Building Chromium on an embedded platform using Ozone-Wayland (slides).
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