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The GENIVI "Community Office" is the location for discussion on community around GENIVI software and licensing. You can use this office to contact the GENIVI community manager and to engage with the GENIVI community in general. 

Upcoming community events

GENIVI participates in various Open Source events and GENIVI members often participate as well, sometimes separately. The list of events here is meant to be of interest to GENIVI members and have some bearing on GENIVI's mission; "align requirements, deliver reference implementations, offer certification programs, and foster a vibrant open-source IVI community."


No events at the moment

Mailing lists

GENIVI has a number of public mailing lists, most are technically focused.

Working with GENIVI source code

GENIVI keeps its source code in publicly hosted git repositories. If you would like to have a git repository set up and hosted through GENIVI you propose a project here: project proposal form. If you're already a GENIVI member and have a project already proposed through an expert group, you can request a git repo from the Community Manager, mailing the project management office (PMO), or contacting GENIVI IT. Please note that internal GENIVI git repos are largely deprecated because GENIVI operates under Open Source best practices and all code is under a FOSS license.

More information on working with GENIVI source code is available here.

GENIVI git repo quality checks

GENIVI tries to assure a baseline of minimum standards in its git source code repos. For example, GENIVI does a simple check for a "LICENSE" or "COPYING" file in the repo. Note that this is separate from the code scanning process that GENIVI does internally before launching projects as well as separate from the review for compliance to GENIVI's licensing policy. What the Community Office does is just checks that the physical artifacts from GENIVI's licensing policy are in place so there is no confusion and compliance is clear.

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