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The DLT viewer tool is needed to be able to decode, view and store DLT messages generated by DLT daemon or other sources. The DLT Viewer tool enables the software developer and the tester of the device to view the log, control and trace information. It is the goal of GENIVI to provide an utility to control and test all features of the DLT daemon component in a simple way. The DLT daemon component and the DLT viewer is based on the AUTOSAR 4.0 standard DLT.

The main purpose of DLT Viewer is:

A further extended functionality is:

We try to keep the GUI simple for an effective and efficient work but to integrate as much as functionality as we need.


  • Graphical User Interface
    • Menu and toolbar
    • Project widget
    • DLT Message Table
    • DLT Viewer Plugin
    • Footer
  • View DLT files
    • Drag and Drop support
    • Recent files selection
    • Temporary files support
    • Append files
    • Index cache of already opened DLT files
    • Default DLT file loading
    • Open multiple files (v2.10.1)
  • Retrieve DLT messages from target and store in DLT files
    • Serial connections
    • TCP/IP connections
    • Multiple connections in parallel
    • Autoconnect to targets
    • Configure log levels and trace status
    • Store configuration in target
    • Reset configuration in target
    • Organise connections in projects
  • Filter DLT messsages for analysing
    • Support to selective show only a part of the messages
    • Complex filter configurations
    • Save and restore filter configurations
    • Default filter configuration
    • Markers to highlight specific messages
    • Multiple default filter configurations
    • Filter index cache of already filtered DLT files
    • Sorting by time (v2.10.1)
  • Clipboard support
    • Copy selected DLT messages to clipboard
  • Export of DLT files in multiple formats
    • Supported formats
      • DLT format with selection
      • ASCII format
      • CSV format
    • Select the messages to be exported
      • All messages
      • Filtered messages
      • Marked messages
  • Searching DLT messages
    • Step by step search
    • Search export view
    • Search by regular expressions
  • Project Configurations
    • Control log levels
    • Organise configurations in projects
    • Save and Restore projects
    • Recent projects selction
    • Select displayed columns
    • Default project loading
    • Automatic timezone synchronisation (v2.10.1)
  • Plugins Configurations
    • Decode plugins to decode messages
    • Viewer plugins to show more detailed information and analyse logs
    • Control plugins to control applications on the target
    • Available plugins
      • DLT Viewer Plugin
      • Non Verbose Mode Plugin
      • Filetransfer Plugin
      • DLT Statistic Plugin
      • DLT System Viewer Plugin
  • Command line support
    • Silent mode
    • Loading project
    • Loading DLT file
    • Using filter configuration
    • Export DLT files to ASCII
    • Execute commands in plugins
  • Plugins programming guide

Graphical User Interface >>

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