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Diagnostic Log and Trace is an implementation of logging software. The software implementation is open source provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. The specification of the software comes from AUTOSAR, the AUTOSAR DLT 4.0 specification is attached to this wiki page as a PDF.

Diagnostic Log and Trace is integrated into GDP Software Development Environment with the DLT-Viewer ready to run.




GENIVI's DLT reference implementation is available both in GENIVI's Development Platform, the GENIVI baseline, and as source code hosted at GENIVI's GitHub account;

Issue tracking

You can request a feature or track an issue in the GitHub issue tracker of dlt-viewer and dlt-daemon projects.

Related Work

  • DLT in TIZEN wiki
  • DLT-T  – a transport protocol (segmented messages) that was proposed for larger DLT messages.  It is not currently used in DLT but could be a general-purpose transport protocol for many purposes.

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