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Source Code / Git

You can see the source of the Baserock GENIVI Baseline for x86_64 and ARMv7, or browse the source of all components and systems in Baserock at

You can checkout the source code for Baserock itself and for the Baserock system definitions:

  • git://
  • git://

Baserock Baseline Releases

Current release

M-1.0 GENIVI baseline system

Previous Releases

M-0.2 GENIVI baseline system

M-0.1 GENIVI baseline system

L-1.0 GENIVI baseline system

L-0.2 GENIVI baseline system

L-0.1 GENIVI baseline system

K-1.0 GENIVI baseline system

K-0.2 GENIVI baseline system

J-0.1 GENIVI baseline system

I-1.2 GENIVI baseline system

I-1.1 GENIVI baseline system

I-1.0 GENIVI baseline system

I-0.1 GENIVI baseline system

H-1.1 GENIVI baseline system

H-1.0 GENIVI baseline system

H-0.1 GENIVI base system (Interim release 2)

G-1.0 GENIVI base system:

G-1.0 devel system:

G-0.1 GENIVI base system:

G-0.1 devel system:

F-1.2 GENIVI base system:

F-1.2 GENIVI devel system:

Disclaimer: The below systems are not provided with component or license manifests.
F-1.1 GENIVI base system:

F-1.1 GENIVI devel system:

F-1.0 Baserock-7 GENIVI




Other interesting information


The Baserock GENIVI Baseline is a GENIVI compliant optimised build approach to create Linux-based appliance solutions

We have identified a core set of steps for the kinds of systems we are targeting as follows:

  • We start with Linux, a boot loader, a file system, and the minimum set of software packages and configuration required to boot
  • then we need additional system software stacks, probably optimised for the target
  • then we need a secure way to deliver applications onto the above, both in the factory and in the field
  • and finally we need a robust way to upgrade everything in the field (for example, for security updates), and to roll back failed upgrades

We have started from the ground up, including only the components that we are sure need to be in Baserock. The immediate gaps we are addressing are

  • Minimum bootable software set
  • Field upgrade and rollback

These are addressed by
Morph - a tool to build and integrate multiple upstream open and closed source project components into chunks, strata and systems.
Trebuchet - a tool to apply these software blocks on to target devices, optimised for field upgrade, with rollback and reset.


The Baserock Wiki describes the project:


A version of the morph README can be found here:

Mailing list History

All postings can be found here:

The archives of the list are here:

Statistics / Ohloh

Check out our statistics on

Licence Information

Baserock is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 as published the Free Software Foundation. The software components in the GENIVI Baseline images built by Baserock are licensed under the terms applicable for each component.

Specific license text and other licensing information can be found in the source code, which is all available to browse and download from All Baserock images contain a /baserock directory, with metadata including information which specifies the repository and exact version of the source code of each component.