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This page is a simple guide book for GENIVI maintainers outlining some of the expectations and practices GENIVI expects of maintainers of GENIVI public projects.

Encouraged practices

 GENIVI wants to be a good open source citizen and provide an interface for contributors to the project regardless of whether they are GENIVI members or not. This document aims to describe how maintainers can create this interface.

Tagging bugs in the issue tracker

One of the features of the public GENIVI bug tracker is the ability to add a severity tag, like "feature request" or "enhancement".

These tags are available in the regular Bugzilla interface and you can set them when you're confirming a bug or creating a new one. The advantage of this is that you can send a feature request to the maintainer of a particular project and put it right into the issue tracker where they're likely to see it. Another advantage is that you can sort bugs by that severity and you get a list of features that are needed across the GENIVI code projects. This is a perfect way to get involved in a particular project or GENIVI in general.

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