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BSP contribution guidelines

The below guidelines are provided for developers intending to contribute a BSP integrated with the Yocto GENIVI baseline.

How to contribute

Mandatory steps

  1. Document how to build an image of your BSP for the GENIVI baseline and link it from the Yocto Genivi baseline wiki page
    • Clearly mention if BSP and build recipes are publicly accessible
    • Clearly mention if the hardware is commercially accessible
    • Note the supported version of meta-ivi (eg Intrepid - meta-ivi 7.x)
  2. Notify of BSP availability on the Yocto GENIVI baseline mailing list
    • To remain aligned with the goal of the Yocto GENIVI baseline project, it is recommended that you verify that the result of your BSP integration is aligned with the GENIVI compliance.

Optional steps

  • If you propose yourself as maintainer, mention it on the Yocto GENIVI baseline mailing list
    • The baseline public mailing list will be used for support purpose
    • Your hardware will be added to the hardware choicebox in Yocto GENIVI baseline bugzilla
  • You can provide board(s) to meta-ivi maintainer(s)
    • It is assumed that the board will be provided at no cost, and this won't imply any baseline maintainer responsibility to support it

Tests and Quality

  • mandatory tests
    • boot up to user space
  • optional tests
    • Basic services up and running
    • Services of the GENIVI software modules are up and running
    • HW acceleration is operational 
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