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IVI Navigation

Under the scope of the Location-Based-Services Expert Group (EG-LBS), the GENIVI Alliance develops LBS features and applications as part of a GENIVI compliant, Open Source, automotive IVI software stack. The "In Vehicle Infortainment (IVI) Navigation" project hosts the whole set of public code running on the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of the LBS domain, as well as the APIs standardized by the Alliance.

The LBS domain APIs are:

  • Navigation Core, including Location Input, Route Calculation, Route Guidance
  • Map Viewer, including Map Rendering and View Control
  • Point Of Interest (POI), providing a POI Search interface with a content access module mechanism allowing to extend the search to external data sources
  • Traffic Info, providing a TrafficIncidentsService
  • Positioning, consisting of GNSSService, SensorsService and EnhancedPositionService

The code is made of two main categories:

  • Applications: for example: Navigation, Fuel Stop Advisor...
  • Proof Of Concepts (POCs), that are typically pieces of software developed to demonstrate the main features of the LBS APIs standardized by GENIVI. For example: Point Of Interest, TrafficInfo, Positioning.
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