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The IVI Radio project is designed to collect into one component an API for accessing broadcast services and IP radio services, such as:

  • Analog radio tuner (AM, FM)
  • Digital radio tuner (DAB, DMB, ..)
  • Digital Satellite radio tuner (SDARS, ...)
  • Digital TV tuner
  • Web Radio (IP)

The component will give access to broadcast services and content. The audio content will usually be provided outside the platform, except maybe for recording purposes. The component will provide access to broadcast data services.

In general API components (functions) should be independent from the broadcast standard. If this is not possible for some detailed or legacy functionality, then broadcast system specific functions will be clustered in a separate block of the API.

Use Cases

IVI Radio Use cases (takeover from internal Wiki of MediaGraphicsEGRadioTunerProject)


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