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Media Manager Browser


The purpose of a common Media Playback API is to provide applications a way to control basic playback of contents of connected CE devices in a unified way. That way applications can support a wider range of available devices / media without implementing separate solutions for each one. At a later point in time this API can be extended to support more advanced features like

  • Browsing.
  • Playlist generation.



UserA person operating a GENIVI based IVI systemDriver or passenger of a car
SystemGENIVI based IVI systemNavigation system in high-end vehicle
Portable (media) deviceAny portable device that can be connected to an audio / video system to access the contents of the device for playback.USB MSC device, USB MTP class device, Apple device (e.g. iPod / iPhone), Bluetooth A2DP/AVRCP, DLNA Server device, ...

Media Browsing System Level requirements

Media Browsing and Play Queue Generation Use Cases

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