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How to contribute a BSP to the Yocto GENIVI Baseline

BSPs for specific hardware

Renesas Electronics SoCs

Renesas ensures its R-Car BSPs are compatible with the Genivi Compliance Specification by maintaining a Renesas Genivi Platform based on the Genivi Baselines.

You can find more information on building Genivi Platforms, including Genivi Baselines, on Renesas R-Car BSPs in the following pages:

Genivi 15.x platforms for Yocto Project 2.6 (Thud)

Genivi 14.0 Pulsar for Yocto Project 2.5 (Sumo)

Genivi 14.0 Pulsar for Yocto Project 2.4 (Rocko)

Genivi 13.0 Orion

Genivi 12.0 Nostromo

Genivi 11.0 Miranda

Genivi 10.0 Leviathan

Genivi 9.0 Kronos

For Kronos two different Yocto BSP branches are available: one that supports Weston 1.6.0 as used in meta-ivi and another that supports Weston 1.9.0 as used in the Genivi Demo Platform.

Genivi 8.0 Jupiter

Genivi 8.0 requires no changes to the Genivi 7.0 Yocto BSP. So please follow the Genivi 7 documentation.

Genivi 7.0 Intrepid

Genivi 5.0 Gemini

Genivi 4.0 Foton