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  • Franca Naming Guidelines
  • Qt information
    • Naming guidelines
    • Qt Abstract Item Models
  • GTK+/Apertis information
  • HTML Information
    • No stakeholder present
  • Existing "big lists" in GENIVI
    • POI
    • Radio
    • Media Manager
  • Optimistic UI support in Franca
    • Specify default values, a value that can be assumed while waiting for a service to become available
    • Specify that there is no default value, i.e. it is not safe to make an assumption
    • How do we handle unavailable services and values during start-up


  • Link to existing contents on the wiki Johan Thelin
  • Link to existing Apertis / glib material @Sjoerd
  • Call out for big lists on the mailing list Johan Thelin


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