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VCIVING is a project that intends to provide voice control for IVI. User speech is converted into internal commands that run on the system.

Operation of VCIVING is divided into 4 subsequent steps.

  1. Reading user's speech through microphone.
  2. Using a Speech-to-Text(STT) model / Speech Recognition Engine to obtain the text version of the speech.
  3. Interpretation of the recognized text using a trained model.
  4. Executing the task/process requested by the user/meant by the recognized text.

1.Reading user's speech through microphone

  • This step involves grabbing all inputs through the microphone.
  • Some technologies will be used later on to determine whether user's speech is really meant for VCIVING to process or not.

2.Using a STT model/Speech Recognizer to obtain the text version of the speech

  • Speech from the microphone is obtained as a audio stream.
  • This needs to be converted to text to be processed further.
  • After eliminating noise, pre-trained models are used to convert the audio to text.
  • If there is any valid speech in the audio received, it's text version is returned through the model/recognizer.

3.Interpretation of the recognized text of speech using a trained model

  • After text version of the speech is obtained, our next attempt is to interpret it.
  • What we expect from the interpretation is the grabbing the underlying meaning of the text obtained.

  • Text is passed through another pre-trained model which previously trained to classify phrases into different tasks we expect the system to perform for us.
  • The pre-trained model would have a set of tasks that were defined before the training process, so the model would find most suitable task for the phrase given as the input.

  • Then the retrieved task is executed.

4.Executing the task/process requested by the user/meant by the recognized text

  • When the task is retrieved and executed, VCIVING interacts with the core IVI systems(and core systems of the smart vehicle) to run the desired task.

  • The commands meant by the recognized text is passed to these tasks and processed inside them to grab necessary data to be passed into the core IVI system.
  • This merely consists of interfaces which connects VCIVING to the core of IVI.
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