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See GENIVI Persistence Management for a top-level introduction to the persistence subsystem.


Installing persistence on Ubuntu 14.04

This section describes installing the GENIVI persistence software, e.g. persistence client library, persistence administrator service, and persistence common object, on Ubuntu 14.04 "Trusty". One needs trusty because it comes with systemd. Note that this may work with later versions of Ubuntu as well though this documentation has not specifically been tested on newer versions.

Persistence Administration Service


The Persistence Subsystem provides a reliable mechanism for applications to load and store persistence data and allows system integrators to setup the IVI system according to system needs. The persistence subsystem is divided into three basic parts, the Persistence Client Library (PCL), the Persistence Administration Service (PAS) and the System Health Monitor.

Responsibility of the PAS

The responsibility of the Administration Service:

  • install a configuration file (Resource Installation File)
    • apply persistence related configuration
      • system wide or
      • application level
    • depending on configuration, it is possible to:
      • install configuration for a new application
      • update configuration for an application
      • remove (un-install) configuration for an application
    • installation of the default / factory values and files
  • create backup of persistence data
    • system wide
    • application level
    • user/seat level
  • restore configuration from a previous created backup file
    • system wide
    • application level
    • user/seat level
  • delete persistent data
    • related to a certain user/seat (1 to 4) or
    • for all users/seats

The access to the Persistence Administrator Service (PAS) is limited to administrative application like software loading or housekeeping.


The PCL API description is available on the following wiki page: TODO: PUT IN LINK HERE

Resource Installation File (RIF)

To allow the installation of the infrastructure of the persistence a compressed file format was defined. Inside the file the resource configuration table will be distributed. In this context the following information can also provided:

  • default values or files
  • way to execute the installation or to uninstall of a specific data content

The documentation of the RIF Format with sample resource is available under:


Building PAS from source

To build PAS from source code from source, follow these steps;


PAS requires the automotive-dlt package to be installed as a dependency.


  1. Clone PAS from git; git clone

  2. The run (question)

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