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GENIVI Projects - Process

GENIVI has developed a broad automotive ecosystem of members who are interested in developing and deploying automotive software. One advantage to hosting projects with GENIVI is the accessibility of a large community of global automakers and automotive experts.

Project Software Requirements (Features & Functionality)

One of the primary roles of GENIVI is to align IVI software requirements across multiple automakers and members, so that the features and functions of the resulting IVI software platform are acceptable to a global community of automotive companies.

These requirements are contributed, discussed, and aligned in GENIVI Expert Groups and the requirements are made available to developers within the GENIVI hosted project (typically, on the email list and in documentation).

GENIVI Compliance

Not all GENIVI hosted projects are related to the GENIVI compliance program. However, some of the more robust and mature functional components (and their implemented requirements) are listed in the GENIVI Compliance Specification. This specification forms the basis for GENIVI members to measure their software platforms and products against the “GENIVI Standard” of requirements and components. GENIVI member organizations who successfully pass the compliance requirements receive a license to use the “GENIVI Compliant” trademark for their product. For more information on the GENIVI Compliance program, please visit here.

When a project’s software is listed in the Compliance Specification, that project is considered a “Core” project. When a project becomes a Core project, an individual from a sponsoring Expert Group is identified to manage the important communication between the project and the Expert Group. This individual is called a “Topic Expert” and communicates regularly with the Project maintainer when requirements change or when GENIVI platform releases are pending.

Incubation Projects

Projects which are not “Core” projects are called “Incubation” projects. Incubation projects are not necessarily less mature than “core” projects; they are simply not part of the GENIVI compliance specification. Incubation projects are just as important as Core projects because some may eventually be added to the Compliance specification and become Core projects. Incubation projects may also be tools, utilities, or proof-of-concepts that facilitate more development in other projects. Incubation projects operate exactly the same as core projects and have the same tools. However, there is no requirement to have a “topic expert” assigned by a GENIVI Expert Group.

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