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Contributing to GENIVI is described here, working with working with GENIVI source code is also available. GENIVI Teams are organized separately.

GENIVI Software Projects

Project Name and wiki pageDocumentationCode repositoriesMailing listIssue TrackingCurrent source code maintainer(s)

Audio Manager (AM)

Audio Manager routes "sources" and "sinks" through the Head Unit.

Doxygen based documentation for AMBugzilla for Audio Manager

Current as of : Christian Linke, Jacqueline Molz

 Audio Manager Demo Maintainer: JoonCheol Park

Diagnostic Log and Trace (DLT)


DLT usage guide and examplesdlt mailing list


Deprecated: Bugzilla for DLT

Current as of   

  • DLT Viewer: Gernot Wirschal

  • DLT Daemon: Christoph Lipka and R. Niemeyer from ADIT

GENIVI Persistence Management

For storing persistent data to the flash memory

Persistence Subsystem Architecture Documentation (PDF)

Persistence Administrator Service

Persistence Client Library

Persistence Database Configuration Tool (PDF)

persistence mailing listPCL JIRA, PAS JIRA

Current as of  

GENIVI Development Platform (GDP)

GENIVI Development Platform (GDP)GENIVI projects mailing list GDP Maintenance Dashboard

Current as of  

Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI)

Github documentation (Erlang)


GENIVI projects mailing list

GitHub Issues (Erlang)

GitHub Issues (C Lib)

Current as of

Common API C (CAPIC)

Common API CPP

Tooling and runtime for GENIVI's Common API project implemented in C++ and C

Common API C

CommonAPI C++ Tutorial


Current as of

Pavel Konopelko for C version, Manfred Bathelt for C++ version

Lifecycle (L)

Lifecycle components manage start-up, power management, etc.

Lifecycle overview (PDF)

GENIVI Lifecycle mailing list


Media Manager (MM)


Smart Device Link (SDL)

Connecting your device to a head unit (only certain head units supported.)

GENIVI SDL mailing list

(Mirror of upstream)

Upstream at GitHub

Current as of  

IVI Navigation 

Positioning, Navigation (location input, routing, guidance), Map viewer, Point Of Interest, Fuel Stop Advisor

  In GENIVI public JIRA 

IVI Speech 

Voice interface to IVI system


Wayland IVI Extension

IVI layer management in Wayland / Weston

 wayland-ivi-extension repositoryGENIVI Layer Management mailing listJIRA tracker

Current as of  

  • Wataru Natsume 
  • Eugen Friedrich

Franca, Franca2EA, and Franca Validator

Interface Description Language and validation tool



GENIVI IPC mailing list

Franca Google Group


Franca UML Methodology and MDG

Franca MethodologyGENIVI projects mailing list 

Current as of  

  • Manfred Bathelt


YAMAICA is an acronym for Yet Another Model And Interface Conversion Application.

YAMAICA HomeGENIVI projects mailing listYAMAICA JIRA


  • Juergen Gehring


GENIVI Baselines

a GENIVI compliant Linux distribution for a variety of embedded devices

Baserock Baseline:

Yocto Baseline:

GENIVI projects mailing listGENIVI Baseline Kanban Board

Current as of  

Baserock Baseline maintainer:

  • Pedro Alvarez

Yocto Baseline maintainer:

  • (Tolkien) Yong-iL Joh

IVI Radio

IVI Radio including sources from the Internet.


IVI Layer Manager

Layer Management on the head unit.


Web browser PoC 

A in-vehicle web browser proof-of-concept.






GENIVI Software Management

Upstream at GitHub SWM JIRA

Current as of  

Android Auto integration

Android Auto   

Remote Vehicle Interaction - SOTA

Also see GDP SOTA

RVI SOTA client Aktualizr instructions.

Comprehensive documentation: available here.


Current as of  


Remote Vehicle Interaction - Control


Current as of  

  •  Magnus Feuer

Open Address Book (OAB)


Current as of  

  • Tom Counihan

Franca Patterns

Here on the wiki (link to the left)

Presentations: 2016-04 AMM Paris Franca Patterns.pdf


GENIVI Vehicle Simulator

GENIVI Vehicle SimulatorPendingGVS JIRA



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