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DEPRECATED! This documentation has been moved into the meta-ivi-test layer to be version controlled together with the code in question instead. 

Those looking for the links to the historical step by step instructions on running things like the IVI-Extension tests can find them here in this earlier revision of this page.


  1. Can we incorporate these tests into a test suite that people can run on their systems? I've started a repo for this work: 

    1. I added meta-ivi-test/ layer in meta-ivi for that purpose.

      I plan to fill *-test packages for meta-ivi first.

      1. But this would mean that it is limited to just testing meta-ivi. Is that what we want?

        1. not limited to meta-ivi. I just say "focusing on test of meta-ivi s/w first"

        2. Hi Jeremiah, I saw your comment to the unpublished BIT minutes and see you raised a thread here. Not sure if I will keep the comment in the minutes as it was outside the meeting, but anyway thank you for the heads up and here is a better place for a conversation (smile)

          Just to give a little background Tolkien had mentioned previously in the BIT that he was working on supporting component tests and raised it again this week as he was ready to publish some details and gave us the courtesy of asking if he should be worried about where. Both Gunnar and I told him not to worry too much about where as pages can be moved easily enough in Confluence and the more important thing was to get it out there.

          Personally I think its a great contribution from Tolkien as its something that has often been talked about but harder to find people with the bandwidth to advance. He's actually published quicker than I was expecting and I have not yet looked at it in detail. There is a lot of focus on GDP and the Hands on Training in Paris at the moment. As Gunnar has said about the Jenkins based JTA the tests and mechanism could be considered separately from the Jenkins shell for management. Although far from a good survey here I see at least 2 parts (it likely needs finessing into more):

          1. Baseline specific. In many cases additional packages need to be built and included for the tests so there will always be a baseline specific part to do that work and I guess that is a lot of the work Tolkien has been doing.
          2. The tests and mechanisms themselves  which certainly will be of interest to others, including for use outside of meta-ivi.

          So Tolkien has published and we can start to see how it can be used. As an aside I've also restarted the conversation with Sjoerd the three of us had (in Stuttgart?) to get R-Car into their LAVA farm. I see both as work from BIT members that may be interesting as input into the Test topic in the Tools Team.

          So I just wanted to frame the background a little for you and I see from the BIT minutes you're eager to contribute. Good to hear and happy to discuss more in the BIT.

  2. Thank you so much for the background this is quite helpful. Thanks also to Tolkien for replying and providing these test cases, it is a very positive development for GENIVI.

  3. Unknown User (tom.pollard)

    This is also really interesting for GDP, as we could look in meta-genivi-dev to follow this structure where appropriate / plausible, all be it through the use of & yocto's integrated image test framework