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inspired from IVI Layer Manager to define a common set of APIs by wayland style protocol and provide reference implementation which can be loaded on Weston. You can visit the project home page for more information. Aim of this project is to make possible to use The IVI layer manager APIs with weston. Thus, IVI layer manager can be replaced with the weston compositor after a minimal modification of IVI applications themselves.

Design document

Wayland IVI Extension Design

Compliant specifications

Wayland IVI Extension compliant specification

Under Discussion

There are some discussions about how to continue with the project. An analysis of the limitations and short-comings of the project can be found at:
IlmClient API refactoring

Topics to be discussed

Limitations of Wayland IVI Extension v1.3.0

These solutions are proposed by Emre Ucan (ADITG/SW1): Proposed solutions for limitations of Wayland IVI Extension v1.3.0


Topics for Roadmap


Wayland IVI Extension 13th AMM

Wayland IVI Extension 14th AMM

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