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  1. download and decompress eclipse Juno/Kepler from Eclipse download site
  2. Start your Eclipse with the command line option -clean to be sure the update process will work (Otherwise it is possible that the Eclipse update process hangs when trying to resolve dependencies while installing the Yamaica Feature)
  3. Configure network access (proxy) within Eclipse: Window->Preferences->General->Network Connections
  4. Restart Eclipse - you may do so by clicking on File->Restart.
  5. Install the Yamaica Update Site URL into your Eclipse: Help -> Install New Software... -> Add... -> OK
  6. Select this update site
  7. after a while (patience required!) a list of features appears, select the whole "yamaica" feature group. You may select other features like "GENIVI CommonAPI Generators" additionally if you want.
  8. Follow the Eclipse installation steps (accept license and installation)
  9. Optional - if you want to use Enterprise Architect plugin:
    Copy two files from your preexisting Enterprise Architect installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Sparx Systems\EA10 )
    • Copy \Java API\SSJavaCOM.dll into your Eclipse root folder
    • Copy \Java API\eaapi.jar into your <java.home>\lib\ext folder.You can find the used java.home directory in Eclipse at: Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Configuration
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