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GENIVI-OCF call 27 May 2016 - 7am CET

JLR - Anson + JLR RVI developer - Tatiana Jamison <>
Samsung - Sanjeev,,
GENIVI - Philippe Robin

apologies: Samsung - Philippe Coval
recipe repo:

Agenda items
1. Genivi demo layer commit plan
2. Use cases for june demo at Portland
3. pending questions
4. RVI C implementation
5. AOB

1. Genivi demo layer commit plan
Philippe R: build instructions have been added to the wiki, section bottom of page
Sanjeev: on Monday 30 May, Philippe Coval will raise a new Pull Request on genivi/github and get this done
Sanjeev: everybody is now able to rebuild the demo
Sanjeev: one issue pending concerning the demo layer: Gunnar & Philippe 
Coval & Sanjeev agree the demo layer should be separate, one person disagrees, Philippe R will discuss it with gunnar
thread in github:

2. Use cases for the June demo at Portland
Sanjeev: The plan is to demo the same use cases as in genivi Paris AMM with actual smart devices (i.e. not simulated)
Sanjeev: needs to determine which devices should be sent, Anson is expected to handle the vehicle side

3. Pending questions (see attachment)
Sanjeev: has a couple of questions to share with Anson for the preparation of the demo at OCF event in Portland (will share the slide deck after the call)

_timeline for demo preparation_
Sanjeev: shows the timeline proposal for the preparation of ocf event scheduled on 6/27-30
Anson: agrees with the preparation plan planning, should have the bandwith, need to check about an internal event at JLR scheduled mid-june, confirms a car will be used
Sanjeev: we will use the same technical approach we used for the Paris AMM demo
Philippe R: proposes to keep the sync call on Fridat morning 7am CET for coordination of the OCF event demo preparation. Agreed by all

Sanjeev: will JLR be able to bring the car at Intel Joe Farms office in Portland, a car can be brought inside, address: Intel Jones Farm Campus Address: 2111 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124, United States
Sanjeec: which car will JLR be able to bring ?
Anson: will be a Range Rover
Philippe: *TODOs* @Anson - check the dimensions of the car, and @Sanjeev - check the entrance door dimensions at Intel Jones Farms office in Portland
Sanjeev: will be an OCF demo with genivi logo in the presentations, no genivi banners needed

Sanjeev: show list of devices foreseen for the demo at OCF event: there will be a fridge, a robot vacuum cleaner, etc., gateway will still run on an ubuntu laptop
discussion on which devices can be accessed in the car: door lock/unlock, trunk lock/unlock, some window control, control of windshield wipers (to be confirmed by Anson)

_demo scenarios_
automatic away mode control: home configuration setting when car leaves home
automatic home mode subscription: return from the office to the home and inform family about it and for instance get the fridge to cool down to prepare ice and cold water
Sanjeev: the gps coordinates should match real coordinates so that is shows up nicely on a map
Sanjeev: Portland demo wil be more of a polished version of the Paris demo

4. RVI C implementation
Sanjeev: would like to hear from JLR about the timeline for C implementation of RVI
Tatiana: preliminary code will be ready for end of june
Sanjeev: which dependencies for the C code version ?
Tatiana:  json & open ssl libraries
Sanjeev: will go to github for testing the C code

5. AOB

Smart cities / smart infrastructure
Philippe: explains that the next genivi AMM will strongly advertize the vehicle connectivity platform side of things and the connectivity to smart cities and smart infrastructures
Sanjeev: Samsung has already deployed something on this in Korea based on LoRa
Philippe: explains there will an CfP for business and technical tracks to get good talks from the Silicon Valley area, CfP will be launched on 1 June, deadline submission: mid-July
Philippe: when do we start discussing plans for the future GENIVI AMM ?
Sanjeev: no commitment for the time being from Samsung, big changes ahead

Sanjeev: *TODO* @Anson - we need the final approval from JLR about their participation to the OCF event in Portland
Sanjeev: *TODO* @Anson - can you send a public url with the details of the vehicle that JLR will bring at the event ?

Adjourned: 7:40am CET

Next call: scheduled on Friday 3 June at 7am CET
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