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GENIVI-OCF call 1 April 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung:  Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Philippe R

Apologies: Gunnar, Sanjeev

code repo:;a=summary

Agenda items
- progress report, review of action items
- logistics for the showcase
- logistics for the readout
- AOB 

*Work status*
philc: shares a video link On Tizen IVI but philc has also a version on GDP

philc: has a discovery issue on gear s2, iot previous version worked, need to compare versions of IoT in order to determine whether the problem is there (e.g. latest version maturity)
philc: (on behalf of Sanjeev) the gateway is working, Sanjeev is trying to build code for rpi2 to show a Tizen TV, seems too much work to get video playback on rpi2, we may switch to minnowboard, we will be able to show video on TV anyway

anson: has delivered hvac ui code to Sanjeev (with the appropriate rvi services) a couple of days ago
anson: has created a ui for the smart home application

philc: tested the gdp on minnowboard, but we would need meta-rvi in gdp
philc: we need also to ask gdp maintainer team for integrating meta-genivi-ocf-demo recipe into gdp
philr: likely better to wait until the upcoming gdp release is stabilized, will mention the need during today's GDP call
philc: shared with Tom Pollard (GDP maintainer) an image for minnowboard with the touch screen (

*logistics for the showcase*
text for introducing the demo (for the showcase flyer) (proposal to be reviewed)
Samsung and GENIVI have decided in the next days after CES 2016, to put together a small project team with the objectives of demonstrating a GENIVI-based head unit connected to a home equipped with OCF-based devices, at the GENIVI Spring All Member Meeting in Paris. The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) objective is to define the connectivity requirements and ensure interoperability between IoT devices (IOT). The open source project IoTivity provides a reference implementation of the OCF specifications. The long term goals are about identifying which technologies supporting the interaction between the car and the home and already developed or under development by OCF and GENIVI could benefit for a joint work towards standardization and implementation.

philr: has shared the information package for the GENIVI showcase, will check with the marketing team the location of the table

*Logistics for the readout of the demo*
no update this week

Adjourned: 7:40am CET

*Next call*
scheduled on Fri 8 April, 7am CET. A calendar invite will be sent.
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