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GENIVI-OCF call 11 March 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung OSG), Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Gunnar, Philippe R

Apologies: Magnus (RVI EG),

code repo:;a=summary

(sidenote) what do we the genivi-ocf-demo repo in genivi git ?
The agenda items are:
- work status
- review of jira tickets
- opportunity to disseminate work
- AOB 

*Work status*

Sanjeev: has not a native implementation of the GVI-OIC Gateway (G/W), which is able to interact with some devices
Sanjeev: had a discussion with Anson this week about using websocket facilities to register/subcribe to RVI
Sanjeev: would like to try a js approach

Android app:
Sanjeev: has tested a basic android app for OIC testing on an Android device, will be finalized at the end of the month.

Tizen devices:
PhilC: has an app running on a Z1 device and working as a regular application (no root needed), have also a map application on tizen store, needs to connect this together
PhilC: had a look at whether it could be adapted to various devices, may need to use web sockets

*Workplan for the coming weeks*
Sanjeev: in the early part of next week, gateway will be ready, the rest of next week will work on the android appli to improve the ui and then the week after will work on Gear S2 (smart watch)
Sanjeev: things on my side should be ready by the end of the month

PhilC: will work on the TV set, working with Rpi2 seems difficult because the graphics is not good enoguh to run Tizen TV profile, need to work on Intel Minnowboard rather

Anson: started the ui for hvac use case on the gdp, some build problemns, but making good progress, will be integrated with rvi soon
Anson:  will give a list of rvi signals that will be exposed to OIC (how to change the values of a setting)
Anson: raises a question on use cases - how to trigger the shopping list scenarii ?
Sanjeev: the button "shopping list" should be part of the smart home window, better to have one to three configured buttons

PhilR: when do you intend to put together PhilC devices and the g/w ?
PhilC: which network can I use for this ?
Sanjeev: you need a local wifi for this
PhilR: created jira ticket GOCF-13 to capture the discussion on the network configuration needed

Sanjeev: underlines that Anson is very supportive (thanks !)
Sanjeev:  we have some inconsistencies about iotivity versions between the verious devices
          decided to use 1.0.1 after discussing with PhilC (iotivity-node needs it)

*Wiki content*
PhilR: asked for a clarification on the OIC profile work identified on the wiki landing page
Sanjeev: a profile describes how to describe devices attached to a vertical domain, we have the following profiles: smart home.
         Under development : health care, industrial and automotive in this order
Gunnar: handling the oic data format in the rvi gateway would eliminate the need for translation
discussion on the signals and the description of the signals in a language that makes sense for oic
Gunnar: what are the basic descriptions available ?
Sanjeev: will send the link to the data.

*Samsung interest*
PhilR: GENIVI marketing has raised his interest in the work. Sanjeev, you mention last week the interest of other groups at Samsung, which groups are they ?
Sanjeev: Other divisions in Samsung are interested in the joint demo and are following the public workspace.

*AMM presentation and showcase*
PhilR: has scheduled a one-hour session to present the demo use cases and architecture, the objectives of Samsung, OCF and GENIVI w.r.t. this work (e.g. automotive OIC profile, GDP/RVI testing, IoT native support within GENIVi), will be a 40mn talk followed by a 20mn Q&A
PhilR: has reserved a table for the demo, not sure whether the demo will be shown in a car yet (depends whether JLR can afford an additional demo in their demo car)
PhilR: showcase is scheduled on Wed evening, leaving Monday and Tuesday on-site to make final adjustments (or more comprehensive adjustements if needed)
Sanjeev: my travel is not approved yet, PhilC will attend
Anson: I will attend the event
PhilR: Sanjeev and/or PhilC and Anson will be the presenters for the session

*IoTivity conference*
PhilR: it is fine to show a video of the GENIVI-OIC demonstrator at this event

 *Jira tracking*
PhilR: created a couple of jira tickets to follow the topics we discussed above, recommendation is that everyone creates jira tickets to track his work and share the progress with others and capture relevant discussions

Adjourned: 8am CET

Next call is on Friday 18 March - 7am CET. A calendar invite will be sent.
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