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GENIVI-OCF call 18 March 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Gunnar, Philippe R

Apologies: Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)

code repo:;a=summary

Agenda items
- progress report, review of action items
- use cases
- logistics for the showcase
- logistics for the readout
- AOB 

*Work status*
Sanjeev+Anson: we went together through all use cases and identified necessary calls of RVI services for the demo (
Anson: is currently porting hvac ui from agl to gdp, will be completed next week, a lot of copy/paste but no major issue (
Sanjeev: can directly register rvi services on the gateway: coming home scenarii + hvac scenarii are completed, will post a video today (
Sanjeev: flow of messages accross the g/w is in good shape on both sides (iot, rvi), we need to do some stability testing (like a 2-day run) (
Sanjeev: one pending activity remains, it is about associating the scenarii strings to a bunch of actions on the home side, will be completed this week or early next week, then will focus on the app development on the real devices
Philippe R: will we have an end-to-end integration between real devices and rvi simulator running by end of the month (in 2 weeks) ?
Sanjeev: yes, because I have to show it to my manager before :-)
Philippe R: what about Philippe Coval's progress this week ?
Sanjeev: this week, Philippe C is travelling to Samsung UK, he prepared the upcoming IoT event (San Diego), next week he should be able to come up with the Z1 app and finish the app for another other device as well
Sanjeev: application uis on various devices need improvements, will start next week
Sanjeev: it might be difficult to get some IoT enabled home devices, hence those devices may have to be simulated on a phone
Sanjeev: we also intend tp have the rpi2 (or another board) running the Tizen TV profile
Sanjeev: the only unknown now is the integration with the real rvi end point 
Philippe R: IMHO the work is in good shape for delivering the demo at the end of April, this gives 4 weeks to do finalize the development and the end-to-end integration with the real rvi end point 
Philippe R: suggests to do an end to end integration remotely via the internet starting asap 
Sanjeev: this is a good idea, let us do it
Anson: agreed

*Use cases*
Sanjeev: following the analysis done with Anson last week, proposes to update the shopping list scenario to make it more generic, it will become the scenario for reporting resource status of the individual devices, proposed scenario name is "SmartHome Device Status", could be used for shopping list, will update the wiki accordingly

*Logistics for the showcase*
Philippe R: JLR (Magnus) confirmed the demo will be on a table, in a location close to the JLR cars, 
Sanjeev: we would like to get on the showcase table one monitor to show videos and promotions, one monitor for the TV profile
Philippe R: how will the demo be set up ? I need to know a little more about the layout of the demo and its occupation on the table
Sanjeev: we will have 3/4 phones + a Gear S2 swatch + another wearable device + a doll house, one rpi2 + fan, another rpi2 (for the Tizen TV) + laptops totalling up to 12 items, we will have also the 2 monitors, wearable devices and smart phones will be installed with a support
Philippe R: will check with Mike Nunnery the dimensions of the table (a 2m x 1m table should be enough)
Sanjeev: will bring his own wifi access point
power requirements: 12 plugs should be ok, some devices might be powered via usb
Gunnar: you will need to bring your own cables / chargers

*Logistics for the readout of the demo*
Philippe R: readout on GENIVI-OCF Demonstrator is scheduled on Wed 27 April 16:15-17:30 (Scene E&F, Open Projects), this is the timeslot before the showcase, meaning you will have to install everything in the showcase room prior to the readout
Philippe R: you will need to have someone attending the table while you do the readout
Sanjeev: Daniel (Samsung) should attend, he could do it, but we will need a plan B in case Daniel cannot
Sanjeev: will need a letter of invitation
Gunnar/Philippe: this should be included in the registration process, please register and let us know
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