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GENIVI-OCF call 4 March 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung Open Source Group - OSG), Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Gunnar (System Architecture Team Lead), Philippe (Program Manager)

Apologies: Magnus (RVI Expert Group Lead), 

Support materials:

The agenda items are:
- renaming OIC -> OCF
- review of use cases
- work status 
- repo naming, yocto layer naming
- project leadership roles
- workplan consolidation
- session at Spring AMM: content, presenter
- review of jira tickets
- opportunity to disseminate work

Anson: JLR RVI team, works on architecture, dynamic agents, data mining
Sanjeev: Samsung OSG team, works on the gateway implementation 
Philippe Coval: Samsung OSG team - establishes IoTivity connection on Tizen devices
Philippe R

renaming OIC -> OCF:
OIC was the name used by Samsung, Intel previously
Microsoft & Qualcomm (and appliance manufacturers) were members of an alliance called AllSeen, working on a framework called AllJoyn
Microsoft and Qualcomm decided to align IoT efforts and joined the OIC board, it was decided to change the name from OIC to OCF at MWC last week (Mobile World Congress)
Sanjeev: using OCF is now just fine
Philippe R: I have updated wiki and jira accordingly already

review of use cases:
Anson needs to review the demo scenarii
Sanjeev will update scenario #2 today

work status (since last call - two weeks ago)
Sanjeev tried to login to RVI server, he needs permission to upload code on the server, does not have the rights to do that
Anson will provide the rights to Sanjeev (after the call)
Sanjeev worked on making iot working on Android, will commit the code on genivi repo today after cleaning
Philippe C worked was on making iot working on Tizen devices

repo naming, yocto layer naming:
repo name in genivi git: genivi-ocf-demo
yocto layer: 
discussion on name and content
first name coined: meta-genivi-iot
Gunnar: will this layer be adopted by other projects and has a long-term existence ? this is why we should avoid a name related to a specific project like genivi
meta-ivi-iot is a little better name
meta-automotive-iot is a much better name 
*decision* we will use meta-automotive-iot as the yocto layer name for the work
*info* RVI is currently a separate yocto layer named meta-rvi 

Gunnar: visibility is important
Philippe R: we have public wiki pages and a public jira tracker, only the invite for sync calls is not shared on a public mailing list
Philippe C: recommends we use an IRC channel, what about using #genivi ?
Gunnar, Philippe R: genivi has been using #automotive as a de-facto irc channel
*decision* automotive will be used
side note for Philippe R: add info about irc channel in the public wiki
otherwise current tracking organization is fine

jira tracking - review of tickets:
Sanjeev will update the tickets assigned to him
Philippe R: JLR will bring two cars at Spring AMM, one will show gdp with dynamic agents, we need to check with Magnus whether a car can be used for the genivi-ocf demo
Philippe R: I have secured a table for the demo with Mike Nunnery (genivi marketing team) in case we do not do it in a car created for tracking the logistics
vehicle location: PhilC has a modem with gps inside in case it is necessary
JLR resource: Anson is the resource, done

next steps
Sanjeev: will verify the basic flow between rvi and iot (possibly for next week's meeting)
Sanjeev: we will try with real devices immediately after
Philippe R (added offline): meaning some iot-connected have to be available starting next week)
Anson: JLR needs to port the HVAC UI (developed for AGL demo) to the GDP, jira ticket created and assigned to Anson

Philippe C: will not be available during the second week of April because he will attend the IoTivity event at ELC-US
Philippe R: might be an opportunity to meet with Agustin (GDP maintenance team lead) that will be at ELC (he had a paper on GDP accepted)
Philippe C: proposes to advertize the genivi-ocf demo during his talk at the IoTivity event
Philippe R: fine, need to check with genivi marketing team if there are ok

Next sync call: Fri 11 March 7am CET

Adjourned: 7:45am CET
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