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GENIVI-OCF call 8 April 2016 - 7am CET

Samsung: Sanjeev (Samsung OSG), Philippe Coval (Samsung OSG)
JLR: Anson Fan
GENIVI: Philippe R

Apologies: Gunnar

code repo:;a=summary

Agenda items
- work status, review of action items
- liaison with W3C and OMA
- AMM showcase & presentation

*Work status*

Sanjeev's jira tickets

GOCF-11 Develop IoTivity based Gear S2 app in-progress
GOCF-10 Develop IoTivity based Android app in-progress
those tickets are behind scheduled, should be completed mid next week though devices are currently simulated and this does not prevent the end to end integration
PhilC has already prepared iotivity for the tizen devices,  Sanjeev needs to build it and integrate the ui in the devices, is fairly confident because of his experience with ui

GOCF-13 Define infra to integrate devices and gateway done.

GOCF-21 Presentation Material for Genivi Session in-progress
Daniel will be at the conference, Magnus Feuer (JLR) and Daniel should be able to introduce the session
PhilR: agenda for the presentation is ok, Gunnar (as lead system architect) will need to review/contribute the slides on Way Forward
we keep the timeslot for the session as it is now (last slot before the showcase)
during the last days, Sanjeev was busy with calls with JLR about RVI, W3C and OMA and calls with OMA, see below *liaison with W3C and OMA*

GOCF-22 Draw up demo table setup in-progress
Sanjeev will prepare two items: picture + text for a banner and a video running on one of the monitors on the showcase table
Sanjeev asked Anson about images, .ppt and video samples that could be reused, will be taken offline
PhilR: asked Sanjeev/Anson to determine when they will try out the end-to-end system in Paris, TV monitors will be available on Monday, 
we need to know whether you will do the test in an hotel room or you would like to have access to a meeting room

GOCF-20 IoTivity Data Models for devices  done
the models are in the simulator. Done.

Anson's jira tickets

GOCF-18 Create UI for Smarthome application  in-progress
ui for leaving home/coming home buttons implemented, with simulated gps data

PhilC's jira tickets

GOCF-14 Make a tizen mobile app in-progress
Sanjeev reports PhilC is working on the ui for the tizen device today for the Tizen TV, it was not possible to run Tizen TV profile on rpi2 due lack of support.
Sanjeev and PhilC will try to run a minimalistic video player that knows about iotivity, open source video player is ready
Sanjeev needs to modify the code to add iotivity connectivity, the result will be a simulated connected tv, this simulated tv will be the second monitor on the showcase table

Integration status
pre-integration testing over cloud was done two weeks ago by Sanjeev
then Sanjeev got a qml ui from Anson and a script from Anson to trigger continuously the execution of scenarii on the gateway
Sanjeev will do a robustness test for the gateway (like over 3 days)

*liaison with W3C and OMA*

Sanjeev: had a discussion Magnus Feuer (JLR),, we
reviewed together the w3c work
Sanjeev: with JLR we came to an agreement to achieve some kind of common schema between w3c, ocf and rvi

Sanjeev: Joel Hoffman met with Mike Richmond at ioTivity conference this week (openIoT), OMA will do an automotive incubator project in the next six months
Sanjeev: qualcomm, nokia are active at OMA, it is a good opportunity to align rvi, w3c.
Sanjeev: OMA looked at possible solutions for interfacing with the vehicle like SDL, RVI, Android Auto and CarPlay.

Adjourned: 7:40am CET
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