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GENIVI Yocto Baseline


GENIVI now produces public software baselines as it releases the compliance. The released baselines are bootable images designed to reflect a GENIVI compliant software platform. The baselines collect together GENIVI middleware with a Linux kernel and various open source projects and demonstrate that they can be integrated. In general, older releases of the baseline are not supported, therefore it is better to download and use a recent release. Recent releases also have fixes so should run a good deal better.

Yocto GENIVI Baseline releases

Outdated Baseline releases

Expired Baseline releases

Tracking Bug for meta-ivi

Meta ivi BSPs for Specific Hardware

Testing GENIVI software


  1. Hi

    Is there a timeline or plan on meta-ivi for Warrior/Zeus Yocto revisions which anyone can share? TIA


    1. Hi Mayank,

      Work for Warrior/Zeus is taking place on the master branch, e.g: this PR meta-ivi/pull/114 repository. We would welcome your help. Give it a try and send your pull requests.

      There has not been any formals releases yet. If you can lend a hand on that it is also welcome.

      The BIT has a current project working to improve the automated testing, which would make the work involved in releases easier.

      btw I luckily came across your question in the notifications but in the future it might be better to ask on the meta-ivi or genivi-projects mailing list to ensure your question is seen.



      BIT Lead