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It helps maintenance if someone else can understand the design choices you have made in build recipes / pipeline setups.


Use JIRA Tickets, one per pipeline.  Create the ticket as a Go Server ticket (which currently means 1. Use the Tools project  and 2. Add label: CIAT on each ticket).
In addition to it being a Go Server ticket, add the label pipeline.

  • Open the ticket as soon as there is a need to build a component (wish list), and close it when the pipeline is in place.
  • The labels CIAT and  pipeline must be added

  • Main action:  Document the design choices in the ticket!
    • How?  Create a new comment on the ticket.  Put  "Pipeline design decisions" as a title, then just describe it:
      • Does the build need any particular resources (build dependencies)?
      • Is it using a pipeline template or not?
      • Comments about build time, performance, etc.
      • anything else another person might need to copy/modify/reproduce a similar pipeline, or edit this one.

Writing new Pipelines

Follow the process above.  You can ask for help on mailing lists ( or ask the administrator.  The standard documentation should also help.

Maintaining old Pipelines

  • Try to find the corresponding pipeline among the existing tickets below and look for Pipeline design decisions
  • If all else fails you can trawl through the git history of the Go Server configuration, which is always backed up on GitHub and maybe figure out which user name made changes to the pipeline and contact them.

The labels CIAT and  pipeline should be added and this query shows those tickets.


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