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- Build Tools
- UML Modeling
- Debugging and Analysis
- Automated Testing


paulsherwood== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting Starts ==14:00
paulsherwoodany takers? :)14:00
* paulsherwood thinks lots of folks are now either a) scrambling towards CES or b) sliding towards xmas14:00
gmacarioHi Paul!14:01
gmacarioI was unsure whether we had already moved the date/time14:01
*** gunnarx_ has joined #automotive14:01
klausbirkenhi all14:01
paulsherwoodgmacario: sorry for the confusion. it was discussed last week but afaik no decision was taken14:01
gmacarioI can then delete my draft email :P14:01
gmacarioOK, NP14:02
paulsherwoodpre-agenda... has everyone been able to try the new wiki?14:02
gmacarioYes I did14:02
gmacarioBut did not try to change my password (yet)14:02
paulsherwoodthat worked for me :)14:03
gmacarioOTOH I noticed that some people are still updating
gmacariowhich makes things confusing at least14:03
paulsherwoodok, shall we begin? i think this may be a short meeting14:03
klausbirkenI tried to login, but it didn't work14:03
klausbirkenentered severl captchas..14:03
*** tcouniha has quit IRC14:03
*** steve_l has joined #automotive14:05
paulsherwoodthere were some teething problems... should be ok now i believe14:05
gmacarioI would recommend to make read-only then14:05
klausbirkendo I have to contact Joel to reset my login?14:05
paulsherwoodno... just follow the links and reset shoudl work14:06
gmacarioSomeone may have not noticed the banner14:06
klausbirkenok, I'll try14:06
paulsherwoodgmacario:  you mean on the old wiki? i agree14:06
gmacarioYes the old wiki14:06
* paulsherwood hopes this transition will end, at some point :-)14:06
paulsherwoodanyways...  shwll we get going?14:06
gmacarioWell at least another transition is being planned for the top level domain IIUC14:07
paulsherwood- Build Tools -14:07
gmacarioHow about JIRA? We have also transitioned to
gmacarioSame comments regarding updates of the old JIRA instance14:07
gmacario^^ s/to to
paulsherwoodi think our target needs to be jira at.projects.genivi.org14:08
paulsherwoodthis is rather chaotic, i know14:08
* paulsherwood notes that if we'd used an open source soln, we could have been done ages ago :-)14:09
*** KlausUhl has joined #automotive14:09
gmacariopaulsherwood: Not sure I understand why14:09
paulsherwoodgmacario: ok14:10
* paulsherwood is failing to find last week's minutes :/14:11
* gunnarx_ is distracted by another meeting unfortunately14:11
gmacarioAnyway, do we have an agenda for today?14:11
paulsherwoodhere's the original
paulsherwoodgmacario: we've ended up with a standard agenda, based on the charter14:12
paulsherwood- Build Tools14:12
paulsherwood- UML Modeling14:12
paulsherwood- Debugging and Analysis14:12
paulsherwood- Automated Testing14:12
paulsherwood- AOB14:12
paulsherwoodwe're in the first item at the moment14:12
gunnarx_are we on build tools now?14:12
gunnarx_So about my comments last week, I still stand by them but it looks like I managed to get through all the depenencies for IONAS14:13
gunnarx_still think the approach for franca_install_automation is very time consuming, but on the other hand, now it's more maintenance as projects get updated14:14
gunnarx_but I'm not looking forward to adding lots of new eclipse packages to it.14:14
* paulsherwood notes that there is some kind of disruption to freenode, some (eg web) attendees may be unable to connect14:14
gunnarx_Also, haven't been able to run IONAS very successfully so I can't say 100% sure that the installed package versions work.14:15
klausbirkengood that you finally managed to include IoNAS in the automated build14:15
klausbirkenBTW: maybe there is a way to do new installations once in Eclipse, and then export the necessary dependencies.14:15
klausbirkenat least there is a "plug-in dependencies view" in Eclipse, which shows a tree view.14:15
gunnarx_klausbirken, I've done something similar14:16
gunnarx_I installed in eclipse manually, then looked at what the result was.  but it was still a huge pain, I was switching between the latest, and the exact version used by IONAS, and so on14:16
klausbirkengunnarx_: Regarding IoNAS: could you run a basic example? context menu of a fcon-file?14:17
gunnarx_It gets worse when things are a bit outdated.  I mean I imagine we want IONAS running on the latest versions of other projects rather than very old.  And on Eclipse Mars14:17
gunnarx_can we improve things by working together?  The churn on package updates, and their dependencies really is very complex in Eclipse.14:17
gunnarx_So... in anticipation for next Franca, and next CommonAPI, ...14:17
paulsherwoodfolks: would it be ok for us to take this to a phonecall? some attendees are unable to access irc today14:17
gunnarx_ok by me14:18
klausbirkenok for me14:18
gmacarioOK for me - which number?14:18
paulsherwoodwe can use the usual number14:19
paulsherwood41 49 19 94 0214:19
* paulsherwood has opened the call14:20
gmacarioIs that a GENIVI bridge?14:20
paulsherwoodsorry, yes14:20
klausbirkenthis seems to be the passcode of the GENIVI webex meeting :-)14:21
gunnarx_... waiting for participants to join the call14:23
* paulsherwood will summarise the call content 14:23
paulsherwoodgunnarx_ is saying that the current method installs, but won't scalle14:24
paulsherwoodgunnarx_ has an ionas branch for klausbirken to try out14:25
paulsherwoodgunnarx is concerned about the dependency management for different components14:27
*** steve_l has quit IRC14:28
paulsherwoodklausbirken is discussing migration to artop14:29
paulsherwood- UML Modeling -14:30
gunnarx_migration of some of the autosar packages that is.14:30
paulsherwoodgunnarx_: tvm14:30
paulsherwoodklausbirken says no news wrt modelling... but there is a session on commmonapi at eg-si f2f14:31
paulsherwoodgmacario explains the details14:31
paulsherwoodphilippe says that manfred has confirmed attendance14:32
paulsherwoodklaus will join, but may be remote14:32
paulsherwood(video link may be possible... check with Ingo)14:33
paulsherwood- Debugging and Analysis -14:33
*** FelixH has quit IRC14:36
*** FelixH has joined #automotive14:36
paulsherwoodwe agreed action paulsherwood to write seeking suggestions/requests for debugging (possibly as enhancements to GDP)14:37
paulsherwood- Automated Testing -14:37
paulsherwoodfolks are struggling on bandwidth for this14:37
paulsherwoodgunnarx_ has been thinking about the additional infrastructure for ci pipeline - gerrit, git etc14:38
paulsherwood(believes it's not much work)14:38
*** ToxicGumbo-work has joined #automotive14:39
paulsherwoodgunnarx_ is documenting his installation in scripts14:39
*** KlausUhl has quit IRC14:40
paulsherwoodgunnarx_ does not intend to commit to do the infrastructure maintenance14:40
gunnarx_that's rephrasing what I said.  I was talking about the install scripts in particular.14:40
*** jonathanmaw has quit IRC14:41
* paulsherwood asks how the maintenance will be done14:41
paulsherwoodthis question is to be discussed at PMO14:48
gunnarx_the IT operations part of it, yes14:49
paulsherwoodhard to start this conv properly til confluence migration is complete14:49
paulsherwoodphilippe would prefer that Tools focus on requirements, rather than implementation14:49
paulsherwoodgunnarx prefers that we prove things, get stuff working at pilot/poc level... then hand to (others in) genivi for full implementation14:54
paulsherwoodmost folks agree with gunnarx_ :)14:58
paulsherwood- AOB -14:58
paulsherwoodgunnarx_ believes gerrit is probably best choice for code review15:02
paulsherwood+1 from me15:02
gunnarx_yes, coming from the perspective "let's just choose something"15:02 makes sense15:03
paulsherwood== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting ends ==