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Face to face meeting at 14th AMM


hellow worksl


* toscalix Codethink. Tools team lead
* Klaus Birken, itemis
* Tolkien (Yong-iL Joh), WindRiver, Yocto Baseline maintainer
* Gunnar Andersson, Volvo, SAT Lead
* Jonathan Maw, Yocto GDP maintainer
* Sanjeev BA - Samsung Electronics
* Jeremiah -- GENIVI Community Manager
* Gianpaolo Macario, Mentor
* Klaus Uhl Intel transportation solutions division
* Changhyeok Bae, LG Electronics  <--- MVP superstar!  
* Sebastian König, EB
* Torsten Mosis, EB
Philippe Robin GENIVI PMO Lead

Agustin begins with discussion of Tools Team goals --> See slide deck

Background information
* Goals 2016S1:
* Discussions:
        * Tools Team works on best effort basis
        * More focus on consultancy and less in execution under the current setup
        * More/better relation with IT operations: towards a Devops approach.
        * Challenges:
            3. Proactive vs. reactive
            3. Increase our impact as open forum focused on tools.

++ Agenda:
+++ Deliver mgmt tool (
* Gunnar presents Go.CD
* The basic concept of Go Pipelines are described. A pipeline requires materials which are built in stages which are sequential. Stages can have mutliple jobs.
* Jobs run in parallel (could be run on different go-agent machines). Discussion of the visualization tool from Concourse CI and Concourse CI as a continuous integration tool.
* AI: Agustin has a request for formal contracted IT support for Go.CD

+++ Elektrobit has a tool for monitoring, measuring.  Data collection on target, visualization on host.
D-Bus, DLT, logs, ...  Interest for EB to contribute GENIVI-specific community edition of the tool.  
Agustin: We need to see the tool to evaluate.
Proposal is to have a demo of the tooling. The proposal for a demo was suggested to take place in mid-May with the Tools Team.
If we have a commercial tool in general, are we saying that we don't accept it if it is not open-source?
No, so far GENIVI policy has been that GENIVI components are required to be OSS, but we have some closed-source tools already (Enterprise Architect).
In the message for genivi people about the demo, we should clarify the fact that the app is

+++  ADK/SDK

We start by showing and description and definition of SDK and ADK.
Suggenstion from Gianpaolo: Complete a statement of work for the SDK that can go for a formal RFQ
Gunnar proposed to describe, in text, a break down of what we need to do to create an SDK. For example, a flag to yocto creates an SDK, Gunnar has set that up in Go.CD
Gunnar describes the work required for a DLT Viewer pipeline. It may be feasible to deliver the individual peices of the ADK from GENIVI members and volunteer effort, but there are those that feel that the work needs to be defined and a budget created for resource allocation.
Gunnar feel that we take steps in the investigation of building the SDK.

Action: We will have a dedicated open sessions about sdk end of may
Action: Klaus - rough pipeline for sdk in Go. Gunnar had as idea having separate pipelines per block first.

+++ More close relationship with IT operations

Proposal is to invite on regular basis the new IT person to the Tools Team. He would be offered a position in the tools team and be able to receive action items.
We will have to rethink the timing of our meetings
Relation with him in terms of tasks through jira tickets
Doodle to find out the schedule.    See also
AI: Philippe will inform Steve that we expect the IT-manager to join the tool team coordination event on a weekly basis, the first 15mn will be reserved to IT topics

+++ Cont'd devleopment of git strategy and dev tooling
"JLR branching strategy" is  pushed to backlog

++ Github migration:
    Jeremiah provides an overview of the current state of the migration to Github.
    target deadline is July 1st.
    Tools Team would like to have a mirror of the code in git in our infrastructure. It should not interfere the current migration.
    AI: define a recommendation to IT.

+++ Tools team f2f meeting

* Gothenburg Pelagicore will host a f2f event if at least 50% is a hackathon. July or August.

+++ Download infrastructure

Franca, CommonAPI, YAMAICA, Code generators
Added agenda item: Electrobit has a tool that can monitor GENIVI systems and would like to understand if their tool could get integrated into GENIVI.
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