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This is the version approved by the participants of the Tools BoF telco on 2015-03-16.  It addresses all comments received after PMO and SAT reviews.  Based on this charter, the GENIVI Board of Directors decided to launch the Tools Team on 2015-05-20.



Tools Team coordinates the activities on selection, adoption, adaptation, creation and maintenance of the tools that help making the GENIVI development activities more efficient. The team is committed to operate within the current GENIVI mission and principles. The team bases its choice of implementation technologies (e.g., supported operating systems) on the specific needs of GENIVI Alliance members.


Tools Team specifically concentrates on the following areas:

  • Tools for building software: 
    Individual parts and their integration into the development environments for GENIVI Baselines and GENIVI Demo Platform. 
    Examples include Yamaica (CommonAPI code generators and tools), Franca IDL tools and their integration into an IDE as well joint tooling projects such as AUTOSAR IoNAS.
  • Tools for UML modeling 
    Consistency checkers and content generators for the GENIVI UML model. 
    Examples include the Enterprise Architect Add-In (for consistency checks and compliance document generation), Franca Validator as well as Document Generator.
  • Tools for debugging and analysis 
    Data loggers, general debuggers, simulation tools, etc.
    Examples include the DLT Viewer, D-Bus monitor and their integration into an IDE.
  • Tools for automated testing 
    Tools involved into the creation and execution of automated tests for GENIVI software projects and Baselines.

Any direct contribution to the GENIVI Compliance Programs is explicitly out of scope and should go through one of the existing Expert Groups.


The main purpose of the  is to provide a forum for the discussion and development of the topics that are related to its scope and are not directly addressed by any other GENIVI team. For example, UML model maintenance is under the responsibility of the System Architecture Team and the Expert Groups, but the development of related helper scripts is not. Baseline integration and maintenance is the responsibility of the Baseline Integration Team, but the tools required for building some of the GENIVI projects are not.

Tools Team is a loose, cross-functional group where most participants already engage in other GENIVI projects. For example, the development of code generators for CommonAPI is a part of the corresponding project in the System Infrastructure Expert Group.

Within its scope, the team gathers, aligns and defines the requirements for a particular tool. In cases where there are volunteers to take on the tool development, the team coordinates their work with the rest of the organization. In cases where the tool development is subcontracted, the team manages the contractor.

The team involves the following roles:

  • Team Lead: responsible for planning of the team activities and coordination with other GENIVI groups.
  • [OPTIONALLY Team Co-Lead: serves as a deputy of the Team Lead in his absence.]
  • Participant: any GENIVI participant working on one of the Tools Team topics.
  • Participant: any community member (including participants who are not members of GENIVI) interested in the  Tools Team topics.

Goals for Q1 and Q2 2016


These goals has been approved by Tools team in the meeting that took place on Feb 10th

The approved goals for the Tools Team for these coming monthes are:


You can follow this goal through the Epic TOOL-57 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Some ideas that led us to define this topic as main goal:

  • double the amount of users/agent
  • Sponsored go agents by members
  • Test agents
  • Maintaining pipeline for each component
  • Migrating go server to new server.
  • How are we going to download images and artifacts? No strong preference.
  • Gunnar outlines the steps that need to be taken, member companies need to arrive at the conclusion that they are ready to participate.


You can follow this goal through the Epic TOOL-60 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Some ideas that led us to define this topic as main goal:

  • Provide a development environment for developers to produce apps on top of GDP. Target a VM or installer. This environment as GENIVI product associated with GDP release.
  • Contribution based project.
  • Goal: have a plan and roadmap. Start execution.
  • Gunnar: Give input to the SDK first, but it would be my preference to begin to contributing the individual components and grow it organically.

3. Git strategy

You can follow this goal through the Epic TOOL-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Contents or links relevant to this topic:

Some ideas that led us to define this topic as main goal:

  • Git strategy can be a part of the tools team 
  • We do not see GitHub move as a need right now.
  • Include it as a topic for the tools team.
  • Provide our opinion as tool team about the proposal.
  • Recommendations about how to proceed.
  • Bring JLR to a tools team meeting to discuss the proposal. (Please see JLR's meeting minutes below. Also, they are mostly on the West Coast of USA so its difficult for them to join) Jeremiah Foster
  • This is going to be a discussion at the AMM but the  tools team is also a place to discuss this. Agustin notes that whatever is decided around the git branching strategy ought to be connected to "best practices". It was noted that it is difficult  to force contributors to adopt a particular workflow with git, they have to coordinate with their established workflow.
  • Please also see the discussion on GENIVI mailling list:

3. Download infrastructure

You can follow this goal through the Epic TOOL-59 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Some ideas that led us to define this topic as main goal:

  • We need a solution as download site. The current one is the right one.
  • Domain name
  • Move the discussion to PMO.
  • Mail to PMO with the discussions we think it should take place.
  • Urgent topic
  • Discussion on where to have the downloadable binary, doesn't feel appropriate. Gunnar noted
    that it is difficult to get an overview of GENIVI's IT
    infrastructure. There was some short discussion on the existing set up
    of GENIVI's IT infra, but it was felt that the PMO is the right forum for IT
    infrastructure discussion.