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Software development tools used in GENIVI

People and teams working in and with GENIVI use a wide range of software development tools to help get code written and to create a common base that is easily re-usable. These tools are easily available and most are widely used, like Eclipse, so they should be familiar to those who may be new to GENIVI but are familiar with software development in general. GENIVI IT issues are handled in other places, like the OSS Team, though sometimes addressed in the Tools team as well.

Summary of tools

Go Continuous Integration Server  (live) The infrastructure for continuous build/integration, test, and deployment.

Enterprise Architect: A proprietary UML tool. EA and UML is widely used in GENIVI interface definitions.

Guider: A linux performance tracing tool.

SOTA server: Tooling to test and run Software Over the Air updates. To get credentials go to SOTA server login.

Franca: a framework for definition and transformation of software interfaces, core part is an IDL, can be transformed from/to D-Bus Introspection XML (see CommonAPI for code generation from the IDL)

CommonAPI-C++ : a C++ programming interface generator; C++ (object-oriented) APIs and code for binding to actual IPC stacks can be generated from Franca IDL

Common API C : a C programming interface generator ; C APIs and code for binding to actual IPC stacks can be generated from Franca IDL (implementation has started as of April 2015)

YAMAICA: A set of conversion tools: EA-Interfaces to Franca, Franca to d-bus-xml, d-bus-xml to Franca, Franca to EA, …

IoNAS: a proof of concept to show that from an Franca interface description, you can generate .arxml AUTOSAR RTE descriptions as well as CommonAPI. Linux-Programs can communicate with AUTOSAR-Applications

Solys: From Elecktrobit this tool is an agent used to acquire any kind of runtime data, such as resource consumption, application logs & traces, interprocess-communication, I/O, etc.

GENIVI internally uses WebEx for screen sharing meetings.  Whether you attend GENIVI meetings or not, you might be interested in running:  WebEx on Linux

Tools Team

There is now a Tools Team which aims to help improve cohesion and efficiency of tool use across the GENIVI projects in accordance with the Tools Team Charter. We hope that some of this work may also be of benefit other free and open source projects too. After some initial BoF discussions, which will probably remain forever private on the GENIVI internal wiki, the team went public at the 12th GENIVI AMM on 2015/4/12.

Team Lead is: Jeremiah Foster

Co-lead is: Klaus Birken, Itemis

Get Involved

The TT normally has a meeting other every Wednesday at 12:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-04:00) which is 18:00 Central European Time.

The TT uses mailing list at genivi-projects and you might choose to tag the subject [Tools]. 

The Tools Team welcome anyone who wants to contribute, including folks who are not members of GENIVI. Check some information on how the team was formed, that reflects the open approach it has.

Meeting minutes

Action items are in a Kanban Board

Proposed agenda for next meeting.

















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