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Procedure to get a personalized account on the continuous build/deployment server


Q: Who can apply for an account

A: is open to everyone working with Linux or other open-source projects for Automotive.
You do not need to be a GENIVI member. 

If the maintainer does not know you, please include a short introduction of yourself.

Do I need a personal account?

A: You need a personal account only to get the ability to edit/add jobs and to manually trigger builds on pipelines.  The guest account (guest / genivigo) is sufficient to study the results of existing pipelines.


Is it complicated?

A little, but if you want to maintain pipelines it seems worth it.  Otherwise just login as guest.

There is no fancy Web frontend for creating accounts right now. Therefore, to keep your password secure and known to you only we use a special SSH procedure. 
When you use it, your password will be stored only
in hashed form and no one else needs to know it.

(If you can't follow this procedure and need help setting up an account anyway, contact the maintainer and we will work it out).



1. Send/post your *public* SSH key to the maintainer (currently Gunnar)
2. Wait for confirmation that your key has been added.  If no answer within 3 days, send reminder.
3. After your key has been added you can securely connect to the account creation application by using gouser as the login name:

$ ssh

(optionally passing your given key if needed):

$ ssh [-i <your key>]

You will be connected to an interactive application to choose user name and password.
This should be performed only once!

The server RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:znxKTQWB3lVeWrMGnC8Dig4BpkVcqoehxN7RBdE+qUs

4. Try web site with your new account.  You should log in successfully but * NOTE!  First time you will see almost nothing after logging in.  Details below.

5. Notify maintainer (Gunnar) to have a role assigned to your account (it helps if you clarify what you would like to be able to do).

6. Maintainer sets your role to Developer (or similar) and notifies you.  If this is not done within 3 days, send reminder.


!  First time you will see nothing after logging in.  This is not intentional but we do not manage to assign permissions automatically.  This means the guest account in fact has more permissions than your new account for a while.   Steps 5 and 6 are necessary to change this.

It is recommended (generally) to use HTTPS :  If you do, there is an anonymous and self signed certificate which the browser will warn about. 
This warning should go away in the future, but you're safer using encryption than not, even if it is self-signed.


Just join the GENIVI mailing list genivi-projects and ask.  You might choose to tag the subject with [Go].

or go to #automotive on

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