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GENIVI All Member Meeting and Open Community Days
October 18-21, 2017
Burlingame, CA, USA

 For event details, please click here. 

Session organizers: please attach presentations to this page and link from your session.  
Instructions: Edit this page, then drag and drop the presentations onto this page.  Drag the thumbnail of the uploaded file into the "Presentation(s)" column for your session. Click the presentation and select "Show as Link".  Please upload a PDF version of slides, if possible.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

9:00-9:30 Plenary

Integrating Vehicles into the Connect City Infrastructure of Today and Tomorrow

GENIVI Presentation.pdf

945AM_Joanna Preso.pdf

9:30-10:30 PlenaryPANEL: City/Industry Leaders Discussion on the Smart & Connected City Opportunity Landscape 
9:30-10:30 Open Projects TrackRemote Vehicle Interaction Update (GENIVI)RVI Session GENIVI AMM Oct 2016.pdf
9:30-10:30 Open Projects TrackSecurity Architecture Overview (GENIVI)



11:00-11:30 Open Projects TrackUnderstanding In-memory Cyber Security attacks on IVI Systems (Karamba) 
11:00-11:45 Open Projects TrackSafeHMI for Driver Monitoring and Alerting (Luxoft)GENIVI_AMM_SafeHMI.pdf
11:00-11:45 PlenaryMapping the Road to Connected Transportation (Wind River)

11AM-HubertMappingRd _Talk_Wind River_final.pdf

11:30-12:00 Open Projects TrackApplication Security Model Goals & Update Status (AGL)CyberSecurity-AGL-Status-Fulup-IoTbzh.pdf
11:45-12:30 Open Projects TrackAdding AUTOSAR Communication to GENIVI Linux (Mentor)20161019-Mentor-Graphics-Ricardo-Anguiano-AUTOSAR-on-Linux.pdf
11:45-12:30 PlenaryIntel/What will become of IVI in Autonomous Vehicles 
14:00-14:45 Open Projects TrackRapid Software Testing & Conformance with Static Code Analysis (RogueWave Software)Klocwork Genivi AMM 2016 - final.pdf
14:00-14:45 Open Projects TrackModeling Interfaces with franca - Introduction and Updatehttps://projects.itemis.de/html/web-presentations/kbi/2016/2016_10_genivi_amm_franca/#/
14:00-15:00 PlenaryTechStars Overview & Presentation

2PM_Techstars Mobility - GENIVI Oct 2016.pdf


14:00-17:30 GDP TutorialsHands-on Session - GENIVI Development Platfom (Intel: Minnowboard Turbot)15th AMM hands on Session_ introduction.pdf
14:35-15:15 Open Projects TrackSecurity in the Age of Open Source Software (Black Duck Software) 

Open Projects Track

Are your interfaces used as expected? Validate D-bus messages with franca deployment model and EB solys (Elektrobit)


14:45-16:00 PlenaryDriving into Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and Big Data

230PM_Driving Into Smart Cities, Smart Homes, and Big Data.pdf

15:15-16:15 Open Projects Track Application Framework Update (Franca interfaces) (GENIVI)


15:45-16:15 Open Projects Track Internet Browser Solutions for the GENIVI Development Platform (GENIVI)RJS - EG-NW Browser Solutions for GDP.pdf


 PlenaryKeynote - Marten Mickos, HackerOne


16:30-17:30 Open Projects TrackKnowing your System - Executable Specifications for IVI Product Lines (Itemis)https://projects.itemis.de/html/web-presentations/kbi/2016/2016_10_genivi_amm_ise/#/
17:30-20:00 Special EventsGENIVI Member Showcase & Reception 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

9:30-10:00 Start-up TrackGENIVI Start-up Overview 
9:30-10:00 Open Projects TrackW3C Automotive Business Group UpdateW3C GENIVI AMM Update 20160427.pdf
9:30-10:30 Open Projects TrackOpen Source Secure Software Updates for Linux-based IVI Systems (ATS)ATS-GENIVI-Fall-AMM-2016.pdf
9:30-12:30 TutorialsHands-on Session - GENIVI Development Platfom (ARM, Renesas Porter, Rpi2)15th AMM hands on Session_ introduction.pdf
10:00-10:15 Start-up TrackStart-up Presentations 
10:00-10:30 Open Projects TrackNavigation APIs: from native to Web with Franca and CommonAPI (GENIVI)


10:15-11:30 Start-up TrackStart-up Presentations 
11:00-12:30 Open Projects TrackBaseline Integration Team - Introduction and Status/Roadmap (GENIVI)GDP_summary_15th_AMM_v_0_3.pdf
11:00-12:30 Open Projects TrackVehicle Data Interface (GENIVI)

RJS - EG-NW Vehicle Data Interfaces.pdf


14:00-15:00 Open Projects TrackBig Data (GENIVI)Big_Data_GENIVI_AMM_SFO_2016.pdf
14:00-17:30 TutorialsHands on session - Developing User Experiences on GDP 
14:00-15:00 Open Projects TrackAn overview of GENIVI's infrastructure from git to continuous integrationOverview of GENIVI infrastructure from git to continuous integration.pdf
15:00-16:00 Open Projects Track GENIVI Software as Portfolio. Where can we go next & how?GENIVI software as portfolio. Where can we go next_ How_v_1_0.pdf
15:00-16:00 Open Projects TrackGraphics Design Team Working SessionGENIVI_PPT_GGT_slides_AMM_20OCT2016.pdf
15:00-16:00 Open Projects Track Open Media Manager (ICS)Open Media Manager.pdf
16:15-17:30 Open Projects Track RVI & Networking EG Working SessionRVINextSteps-AMMOct2016.pdf
16:15-17:30 Open Projects TrackTools Team Working Sessionnotes

Friday, 21 October 2016

9:00-12:30 GDP TutorialsHands-On Session - Yocto Project PrimerEmbedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project - Crash Course Material.pdf