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You may have noticed that the GDP team recently made the first release of the Genivi Demo Platform (GDP) on Genivi 9 for QEMU. I am happy to announce I have just pushed support for it on the Renesas R-Car M2 Porter board to the mailing list and it should appear in the GDP git repository soon.

This first Beta release will help members prepare their Hands On Training on the Porter board for the upcoming Paris AMM. Other R-Car Gen 2 boards will follow soon. 

Developer summary

I have pushed a Beta release of Renesas R-Car Gen 2 support for GDP on Genivi 9 (meta-ivi 9 and YP 1.8)  to github [1].

I have also contributed a patch set  for GDP on Genivi 9 to the GDP ML [2] which should find its way into the GDP project soon.


Developer Notes

R-Car Gen 2 Yocto BSP (YBSP) v1.10.0

As well as rebasing on meta-ivi 9, I have taken the opportunity to migrate to the latest Yocto BSP v1.10.0 at the same time.
The principal functional change is that the kernel recipe now supports kernel CONFIG fragments in .cfg files. For example, the CAN config [3].


Updated Click Through Gfx and MM Package

The Click Through Licensed Gfx and MM Package has been updated to v20151228. Please update.

Major changes:

  •  - Bug fix in the Wayland WSEGL library
  •  - Added support for Weston v.1.8.0, 1.9.0
  •  - Added support for eglfs plugin in Qt5.5

 The Qt support was verified using meta-qt5.

Weston >= 1.6.0

Meta-ivi 9 supports the Weston 1.6.0 shipped in Poky meta and so the YBSP provides recipes for the same.

The gfx components have been tested with Weston 1.8.0 and 1.9.0. The YBSP Weston recipes [5] have been written to use those same components and so support an easy move to a later Weston if required.

A next step will be to confirm the GDP for Weston 1.9.0 that is being developed by the GDP Team works on Porter. That will also inform how best to carry Weston 1.9.0 recipes in the YBSP. For now it should be sufficient to simply rename the 1.6.0 filenames of the bbappends to 1.9.0.

GDP on Genivi 9 (meta-ivi 9) and YP 1.8

Sanity testing a new build (re-used downloads folder) GDP runs fine on M2 Porter. The PoCs all ran ok, with the exception of the Audio Manager PoC which draws but reports a Pulse Audio/ALSA issue.

Known issues:

  1. Starting the Audio Manager PoC causes an issue seemingly because of a pulseaudio problem. FIXED. Problem found in GDP.
  2. Some build log warnings.


Build Configuration for the test:

meta-yocto-bsp    = "(detachedfromeb4a134):eb4a134a60e3ac26a48379675ad6346a44010339"
meta-ivi-bsp      = "(detachedfrombfd95c5):bfd95c5021885ed61b58a33087a4ee8e3d2f32ad"
meta-ruby         = "(detachedfrom5b0305d):5b0305d9efa4b5692cd942586fb7aa92dba42d59"
meta-qt5          = "(detachedfrom90919b9):90919b9d86988e7da01fa2c0a07246b5b5600a5d"
meta-genivi-demo  = "(detachedfrom6c13a96):6c13a96ba719c657bd69f7c0212cd224def036c8"
meta-rcar-gen2    = "experimental-genivi-9-bsp-1.10.0:b29891865a81380eab608fa570a1f43eb7aaf84c"

1 Comment

  1. Since this blog the Yocto BSP and GDP have been updated and R-Car E2 Silk support added.

    The latest Yocto BSP for Genivi 9 can be found on the branch

    The current build instructions for GDP can be found in the GDP project area here Renesas R-Car M2 Porter Hardware Setup and Software Installation