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Developer summary

I have pushed updates to the previous Beta release of Renesas R-Car Gen 2 support for the Genivi 10 Yocto Baseline to github [1].

They have been pushed to the new product branch "genivi-10-bsp-1.10.0". This replaces the previous working branch "stevel/genivi-10" which is now deprecated and will be later deleted.


Developer Notes

In summary there have been the following major changes:-

  • Fix "full path to dts" kernel bitbake build warning
  • Fix "license listed foo was not in the licenses collected" bitbake build warning
  • Various readme updates or improvements
  • Added sample local.conf and bblayers.conf
  • Kernel config changed to receive bootargs for u-boot when combined uImage+dtb image used

For those who like a graphical diff you can find a Github compare here.

The following sections explain some of these in more detail including a migration guide.

Yocto Bitbake Warnings

The updates address two bitbake warnings. The first addresses a malformed recipe variable that resulted in bitbake raising a license warning. The other addresses a bitbake kernel build warning related to dbs/dtb files.

Migration Guide / Behavior changes


The Yocto board machine files, e.g. porter.conf, now default to the setup for Wayland/Weston. This means you no longer need to set this explicitly yourself in your local.conf.

Sample local.conf and bblayers.conf

The Yocto BSP supports multiple boards so it is impossible to add a local.conf.sample and bblayers.conf.sample that covers all boards. Examples for the different boards are available upstream, but I can see the value of having a sample within the Yocto BSP itself.

The commit adds a bblayers.conf.sample that should be applicable for all Gen 2 boards. The local.conf.sample is for the Porter board. For other boards change the MACHINE variable and in addition for H2 SoC based boards such as Lager change the MACHINE_FEATURES_append variable to be "rgx" rather than "sgx".


The kernel config has been changed to accept boot args from u-boot when a combined uImage+dtb kernel image is used.


The update has been tested with Genivi Yocto Baseline 10 and the GDP Master branch tag gdp-10.