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Developer summary

I recently pushed Genivi 11 support for the Renesas R-Car Gen 2 boards to github.


branch: genivi-11-wip

The branch is a WIP but actually feels very close to a release candidate.

Developer Notes

The support is based on the same Yocto BSP v1.10 release used for Genivi 10 and there are no changes to the BSP components.
Changes were limited to adoptions to the krogoth (YP 2.1) branches used by the Genivi Yocto Baseline and of course meta-ivi 11.
Functionally the Poky meta implementation of libdrm is now used.

In summary there have been the following major changes:-

  • Support gtk+3 v3.18.8 used in YP 2.1
  • Support systemd v299 used in YP 2.1
  • Support gst 1.6.x used in YP 2.1 when h/w acceleration is disabled.
  • Support mesa 11.x used in YP 2.1. Update configuration (disable libgbm) to fix do_populate_sysroot() error
  • Fix omx-user-module QA issue in do_populate_sysroot() related to .la files
  • No longer use Renesas libdrm fork
  • Fix build error related to linux-libc-headers
  • Drop ncurses bbappend as functionality now upstream
  • Drop unused gcc 4.8 bbappend

For those who like a graphical diff compared to Genivi 10 you can find a Github compare here.

The following sections provide some more detail including a migration guide.

General information about building Genivi 11 Miranda for the Renesas R-Car SoCs, including build instructions for the Genivi Yocto Baseline and links to GDP can be found in the Renesas Genivi 11 page.

Migration Guide / Behavior changes

  • No changes to the BSP components.


See the Genivi 10 Migration Guide to be reminded of some functional improvements in the previous release.


The update has been successfully tested with Genivi Yocto Baseline 11 M-02 and the GDP Master RC-1 release for Genivi 11.

Pull request #44 is pending for GDP-11 RC-1 to align the GDP Master branch with this release. The GDP Maintainers tell me they are about to merge it.