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We are likely experiencing a new definition of "disconnected" as we have weathered a lengthy period of working remotely and (hopefully) staying safe at home.  I hope you are successfully navigating this virtual way of working and when you can, I invite you to consider a couple of ways to stay connected to the activities and work of GENIVI.

Had circumstances been different, we would be gathering at the Leipzig Marriott hotel next week for some great networking at the GENIVI All Member Meeting 2020.  We will have to wait (and hope) for a renewed opportunity to meet face-to-face during our new target date for the event (27-29 October 2020) also in Leipzig.  But we still have the opportunity of engaging together in the GENIVI Virtual Technical Summit starting 12 May at 1500 CEST.  The agenda is posted and registration, though free, is required so please visit the registration page today to ensure you receive the links to all the sessions.  The event will begin with an opening Keynote by GENIVI President, Michael Ziganek, then attendees will hear updates from several active GENIVI project leaders.  Day one will conclude with two "forward looking" sessions on common vehicle interface definition and domain consolidation.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the program consists of a combination of presentations (connected vehicle software development and automotive cybersecurity) and working sessions (workshops) on active topics in the Android(tm) Automotive SIG and the Cloud and Connected Services project.  To obtain links to any or all of these sessions, please register to obtain the information necessary to join the sessions.  And stay tuned during the session breaks as several GENIVI members have submitted informative videos about their products and services. 

Please consider inviting a colleague or partner to this informative and free event scattered across portions of three days.  GENIVI understands that you may not be able to attend a session due to other priorities, so links to recorded sessions and slides will be posted here: GENIVI Virtual Tech Summit May 2020.

A second way to stay connected to GENIVI is to review sessions already delivered, like the recent Automotive World webinar given by the GENIVI Cloud and Connected Services project entitled, "How to realize an end-to-end vehicle-to-cloud communication framework".  The slides and a video of this webinar is available here:  Join the nearly 300 participants who viewed this webinar when it was delivered on 4 May.  And if you are interested in getting involved in the CCS project, please contact Philippe Robin.

GENIVI realizes that even though you may have a different work environment, the work itself still takes most of your attention.  Because of these unusual circumstances we live in, margins to watch even a brief virtual summit session or webinar may be limited.  But we encourage your participation and connection to the ongoing work of GENIVI.  The alliance continues to advance and we look forward to doing so virtually until the day we can meet again face-to-face.  Be well and see you "online" soon!

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