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GENIVI completed day one of the Virtual Technical Summit on 12 May and below are a few highlights of the program.  The full agenda including links to all the slides has been updated and once we have links to all recorded sessions, you can view all parts of the day one program at your leisure.

Michael Ziganek, President of GENIVI, kicked off the day with a keynote presentation that emphasized three main points:

  • WHO GENIVI has become (emphasizing the expansion of our scope into multi-OS integration and cloud connectivity)
  • WHAT has happened recently (emphasizing the many outputs and events produced by GENIVI during the last year)
  • HOW GENIVI wants you to be involved (emphasizing roles you and your organization can play in GENIVI projects and activities).

Michael closed his talk with some thoughts about the future of GENIVI including the growing complexity of integration and development introduced by domain fusion and the need for standards more then ever to solve current and upcoming challenges.  He noted that the success of meeting these challenges depends on the contribution of the community and constant interaction with the industry leaders and other consortia.  And he encouraged everyone to work together in the spirit of GENIVI to provide valuable solutions to these growing challenges.

Next, attendees heard from leaders of active GENIVI projects including the Android Automotive SIG, the Cloud and Connected Services project, the Hypervisor Project, the Security Team and a new "Birds of a Feather" on the subject of in-vehicle payments.  The presentations emphasized the very active and multifaceted technical community collaborating in GENIVI.  GENIVI welcomes questions and inquiries about how to participate in any or all of these projects by contacting Philippe Robin.

The final two sessions presented trends in the industry that GENIVI is following closely.  A panel of industry experts from Bosch, Renault Software Labs, McKinsey & Company and GENIVI tackled the topic of a Common Vehicle Interface Initiative.  And then Michael Ziganek (Mentor Automotive), discussed the impact of cockpit domain fusion.  

We are grateful to our event sponsors that have provided brief videos to be played throughout the three day event.  You can find these videos at the bottom of the wiki schedule page.  A special thanks to all who joined day one and we invite you back for days two and three during which we will dive a bit deeper into the activities of the Android Automotive SIG, the Security Team and the Cloud and Connected Services Project.  Stay tuned to this blog for additional highlights.

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