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On 22 April, GENIVI and eSync Alliance announced a new collaboration to simplify data gathering and management based on existing technologies delivered by the respective organizations.  The press release was the result of a joint liaison agreement that enables the organizations to discuss how the data gathering portion of eSync's specification might apply in the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) that GENIVI and W3C have introduced during the last year.  

Part of the CVII work involves the industry engaging around a standard vehicle data model and GENIVI has put forth its Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) as a candidate.  As part of the collaboration between GENIVI and eSync Alliance, the organizations will explore the relationship between VSS and the eSync Alliance approach for moving data to and from the vehicle.  Further, the GENIVI Cloud and Connected Services Project (CCS) has developed a reference architecture for vehicle to cloud connectivity and the "data pipe" technology described in eSync Alliance's documents may allow for a more rapid and standards-based approach for building out portions of that reference architecture.  Additionally, eSync Alliance's specification defining a standard for Software over the Air (SOTA) will also be considered for inclusion in the standard vehicle service catalog (VSC) that is being developed as part of CVII.

The relationship established between GENIVI and eSync Alliance is one instance of the alignment activities required to make CVII successful.  The initiative brings together existing and new standards and solutions to produce approaches that reduce complexity in future vehicle software and data management systems.  

The new relationship will be further discussed during an upcoming virtual panel session entitled, "The Value of Standardization in Automotive Over-the-Air Updating and Data Gathering", being held on 27 April at 10:00 US EDT / 1600 CEST.  Roger Lanctot and Greg Basich from Strategy Analytics will moderate the panel that includes the following panelists:

  • Mark Singer – Chair, Marketing Work Group of the eSync Alliance
  • Martin Bornemann – Director Systems, Mobility Architecture Group, Aptiv
  • Franck Lesbroussart – Director, Advanced Software Development, ZF Group; Member Board of Directors, eSync Alliance
  • Jered Floyd - Technology Strategist, Office of the CTO, Red Hat
  • Steve Crumb – Executive Director, GENIVI Alliance. 

The panel is free to all who register here

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