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Thanks to authors at Geotab, GENIVI has a new tech brief available called Curve Logging.  This tech brief describes an approach for combining vehicle data sampling with edge processing to give the most accurate representation of a full data set within an allowable margin of error.  With the growing amount of data generated by today's vehicles, logic is needed to balance accurate data with reduced costs for vehicle to cloud communication.  Fleet management companies and a growing number of entities consuming passenger vehicle data need to strike this balance of efficiency and accuracy.

The tech brief describes Geotab's Curve Logging algorithm and also provides a link to the Geotab github repository in which the algorithm is further discussed and the library is made available under the MPL v. 2.0 license.  Note also that a document listing associated patents can also be accessed from the repository.

GENIVI is grateful to Geotab for this informative publication and invites all interested parties to read the document and to visit the repository.

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