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As a follow-up to the productive collaboration experienced during the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) workshops held at our all member meeting last May, GENIVI and W3C are planning a 3-hour follow-up working session to advance the active projects of the initiative.  In advance of the working session, attendees of previous workshops, webinars and other CVII-gatherings have been requested to complete a survey to bring the projects to more rapid decision points for current and future work based on the information gleaned from the survey.  Working session organizers are measuring perspectives in a variety of areas, some of which include:

  • Viability of GENIVI and W3C producing standards in the areas envisioned in CVII
  • Alignment to other organizations vital to reaching CVII goals
  • Participant's interest in contributing to a variety of topics of focus in CVII
  • Relative importance of in-vehicle, vehicle-edge and in-cloud standardization and collaborative development
  • Greatest benefit to the industry of reaching the goals of CVII.

If you have an interest and some degree of understanding of CVII, we welcome you to complete the survey prior to 22 June, to give the session organizers time to process the data prior to the working session.  

The final agenda will be published late in the week of 21 June, but expect some of the topics to focus on advancing the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS), continued discussion a an approach for a standard Vehicle Service Catalog (VSC), status of alignment to related collaborative organizations and building a supporting technology stack to support data exchange and management.  The details for attending the extended working session can be found on the CVII Wiki landing page.  If you wish to present or participate in this working session, please contact Philippe Robin or Gunnar Andersson.

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