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The session will be designed to actively engage up to 20 participants equipped with their own laptop. The hands-on will be performed within a virtual machine (VM). The aim is to provide the most productive participant experience possible.

The virtual machines files will be made available ahead of time. Ideally all participants will have been able to confirm that the VM works properly prior to the start of the session. Collabora will be available from Tuesday to assist with setting up the VM environment for participants.

On Wednesday, Collabora will be available at Studio H (Level 2) to assist participants to get ready for the session. Please don't hesitate to come by to have the SDK VM installed and configured! 

The session is scheduled for Thursday morning.

Collabora will make available the following SD cards/USB Keys with the VM pre-loaded on them:

  •  12 x NTFS (for MS Windows host OS users)
  •  06 x HFS+ (for Mac OS X host OS users)
  •  06 x EXT4 (for GNU/Linux host OS users)

System requirements per participant

  •   Core i5 or i7 system (64-bit)
  •   8GB physical RAM or higher
  •   SD card reader and/or USB 3.0 port
  •   Oracle VirtualBox 5.0 or newer (Free)
  •   4096MB of RAM allocatable to the VM

Bosch and Collabora will make available and maintain system targets (at least 2) specifically for the purpose of testing the application deployment process onto targets. Collabora will assist all participants in the application publication and testing process on the targets.

Room settings and configuration

  •  20 x free power sockets for participants laptops
  •  20 x desk and chair sitting configuration
  •  01 x video projector for presenter
  •  01 x microphone with audio amplification for presenter
  •  01 x Internet access via Ethernet connection for presenter (and power)
  •  01 x dedicated table for target systems (power and ethernet)

Optional room arrangements 

  •  20 x 1Gb Ethernet network connections (for VMs access)
  •  01 x Shared Internet access with all participants 
  •  60 x DHCP addresses for hands-on session room Ethernet segment
  •  20 x additional desk+chair for paired participation


Participants are expected to know how to:

  • operate virtual machines using VirtualBox
  • have general knowledge of
    • C programming language and Object Oriented software development
    • GNU/Linux environment
    • D-Bus IPC
    • Eclipse IDE or CLI development tools
  • basic understanding of GObject and Linux filesystems (bind mounts, namespaces)

Presentation material will be provided on the day of the training to simplify the participants ability to follow-on.

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