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→ Slides and recorded videos are  available here.

October 5-7, 2021

Did you forget to register? Contact Karin Hanson at karinha@khansonevents.com. Click on the link below, ExVo will grant access.

Links to the AMM ExVo platform will go live at 5:30 AM PDT / 8:30 AM EDT / 14:30 CEST

exVo User Manual - final.pdf

ExVo strongly suggests using Google Chrome when using its platform.  For some of you, Firefox may be another option.  

The event link for anyone who is NOT in China: https://www.web.allseated.com/exvo.cfm?extluid=84525757-C480-62CE-04ECB3B5FB56F0B3

The event link for anyone who IS in China: https://www.web.allseated.com/exvo_c.cfm?extluid=84525757-C480-62CE-04ECB3B5FB56F0B3&socket=2


Once in the ExVo platform, you will be asked to add your name, company logo and photo to your avatar.  Below are the dimensions for the photo and logo.  Your name can be first/last and company name (30 character limit).

Profile Image:  JPG, PNG - 900x677pc 4:3 ratio, less than 1BM

Company Logo: JPG, PNG - 500x500px, 1:1 ratio, Less than 1MB

It is hard to believe that GENIVI is about to hold its 22nd all-member meeting.  But this one is going to be VERY SPECIAL.  Attendees will hear firsthand the outcome of an alliance evolution project that GENIVI has worked rigorously on for the past several months.  The outcome is exciting and new and you won't want to miss the "reveal" during the first hour of the program on 5 October.  Early registration (by 3 October) is strongly encouraged and the registration system will open on 1 September, so stay tuned to this site for details.

In addition to the exciting reveal of the new organization, keynotes and panelists will use the remainder of the 5 October program to discuss the inviting opportunities the evolved organization will be launched to explore.   Days 2-3 will continue to explore work already in progress as part of the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) focused on common approaches for vehicle data, services and interfaces.  Proofs of concepts will be delivered and discussed in multiple program contexts making this event more than just talk.  Topics to be discussed include vehicle data and services, vehicle-to-cloud connectivity, supporting tooling, Android Automotive extensions, Cybersecurity, in-vehicle payments, and much more.  Look for an agenda beginning in early September and improving in detail throughout the month.

The event will also feature an immersive approach toward a virtual experience through the use of the ExVo/AllSeated platform (check out the demo here).  If you enjoy immersive gaming, this will be the event for you!  Build and move your emoji around a virtual hall, stopping to chat with other attendees while you make your way to the main stage or into a breakout room.  Stop by virtual booths to download information from sponsors and organizations showcasing their products and services.  You can even join the "launch party" and have a "virtual swag bag" sent electronically to you.  Please contact Michael nunnery for information on sponsorships and virtual booths (sponsorship prospectus here).  It won't be your typical "click to join a meeting" experience and we hope you enjoy the more immersive platform.

We can't wait for you to hear the exciting news to be revealed on 5 October.  We also can't wait to bring together the industry and our members for networking, dialog on technical and business topics, and advancing the work of the new organization.  We hope you make plans today to join us.  Don't forget, we strongly recommend that you register before 3 October as we cannot guarantee day-of registrants will have the seamless experience we want to provide.

Register today   We strongly encourage you to pre-register prior to 3 October.

Thank you to our Premier Sponsor

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