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Table of Contents

Global Community Gathers at Munich AMM & Open Community Days

GENIVI welcomed more than 300 attendees to its 18th All Member Meeting (AMM) and Open Community Days on a sunny and warm, mid-April week in Munich, Germany.  Among the highlights of the week were informative members-only sessions, a multi-track program on both business and technical topics including domain interaction sessions and always a highlight, great networking and interaction among the GENIVI global community members.  Presentations from most sessions can be found here.  As always, GENIVI wishes to thank our event and showcase sponsors for helping to make this event a great experience for all attendees.

The Open Community Days program kicked off on Wednesday with a keynote by Dr. Andree Zahir from Robert Bosch Car Multimedia on how the GENIVI work on domain interaction is essential to the future of Bosch products for the vehicle.  The business content continued with talks on the future of connected cities (Siemens), managing and distributing vehicle data (BMW), the future of radio in a passenger economy (NAB), rethinking vehicle architecture and software (McKinsey), vehicle cybersecurity (FASTR), and developing a connected cockpit (Wind River). In a parallel track, working sessions for the three active domain interaction projects were held along with individual topics such as lessons learned from using agile methods to deliver a BMW head-unit as well as how cybersecurity is changing the way vehicle software is developed and deployed.  Wednesday closed with the popular member showcase and reception where participants enjoyed three vehicles on display and over 25 tables with informative demonstrations from GENIVI members.

Not to be outdone by Wednesday’s great program, Thursday’s highlights included full-day workshops on automotive cybersecurity and on hypervisor usage in a cross domain context (see a full article on this workshop later in the newsletter).  Thursday also included updates on important GENIVI projects like Car Data Logger (CDL), Multi-node DLT, Persistency, Navigation APIs and Franca.

Please check out the presentations and photos and plan to attend future GENIVI events discussed later in the newsletter.

A Fresh Look: Future of Radio and Cars Workshop

Radio and cars have had a long and consistent relationship for decades.  But neither have remained the same.  Radio has developed new models of content delivery and cars are moving from being driver-focused to driverless, offering the opportunity to provide new and compelling content experiences to all, or each individual, occupants.  There’s no better time than now for these two history-rich industries to come together to discuss a mutually beneficial future.

On June 5 from 3-7p.m. EDT, the day before the TU-Automotive Detroit event in Novi, Michigan, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and GENIVI will co-host a workshop to discuss the future of radio and TV in the evolving context of connected and autonomous vehicles.  The workshop will be held in a private meeting room at the Michigan Beer Company located at 42875 Grand River Ave #104, Novi, MI, just minutes from the TU-Automotive venue.

This technically-oriented meeting will combine CTOs and VPs of engineering from radio and TV broadcast companies with technical experts from automakers, Tier 1s, content providers, and other suppliers of radio technologies in the car.   Participating organizations do not need to be members of NAB or GENIVI, but they do need to be serious about defining and contributing to a set of collaborative technical projects that will determine the future of radio in the car.

The workshop will follow a simple outline consisting of presentations from the automotive industry, followed by presentations from the radio and TV broadcast industry, culminating with an open dialog about opportunities for technical collaboration.  A networking reception of craft beer and appetizers will follow the discussion.

If you are interested in this no-cost event, please register at https://NABandGENIVI.eventbrite.com (passcode is “radio”).  

GENIVI and HARMAN Release Technical Brief on Graphics Sharing

One very active project launched as part of the GENIVI Domain Interaction Strategy is the Graphics Sharing and Distributed HMI Compositing (GSHA) project.  This and other projects are beginning to deliver initial, primarily educational content as a result of early outputs of discussions and presentations made during project discussions.
As one example of this educational content, GENIVI and HARMAN have published a technical brief entitled “Digital Cockpit HMI Distribution Using Shared State, Independent Rendering”. This brief introduces the five identified categories of Graphics Sharing and describes a concrete application of the Shared State / Independent Rendering approach for Navigation map interaction between an IVI unit display and an instrument cluster display.

Having completed a well-attended working session during the GENIVI member meeting, the project will continue to drive toward additional deliverables including a code base for graphics sharing called Ramses (to be contributed by BMW) and as always, welcomes your involvement.  Information on future meetings can be found on the GENIVI wiki.

Hypervisor Workshop Productive and Well Attended

Building on the smaller Hypervisor workshop during the Seoul member meeting in October 2017, GENIVI prepared a comprehensive, full-day agenda spanning many Hypervisor/Virtualization topics during the Munich member meeting.  This workshop was based on topics collected by a diverse working group during the first months of this year.

The preparation work, and the Hypervisor Project that is now extended can be found at the project home page.

GENIVI would like to thank the many companies (listed below) that stepped up and provided input to this great workshop. In particular GENIVI asked Dr. Sang-bum Suh, previous maintainer of Xen for ARM and now CEO of Perseus Co., Ltd., to guide the content and provide leadership.  Ultimately, many companies of both open-source and commercial hypervisor technologies engaged and prepared very good presentations.

The workshop format involved a recurring cycle of introducing a particular aspect of virtualization technology for educational purposes, defining remaining challenges, followed by question and discussion time on that topic.

The packed agenda included:

  • History of Hypervisors (Sang-Bum Suh, Perseus)
  • Introduction, history, current and future plans of Xen Project (Lars Kurth, Xen Project)
  • Hypervisor (Automotive) Market Overview (Franz Walkembach, SysGo)
  • Hypervisor design and implementation (Ralphe Sasse, OpenSynergy)
  • Requirements Gathering (Matti Möll, Opensynergy)
  • Virtualization for Multi-core, SoC peripheral hardware and special purpose CPUs (Artem Mygaev, EPAM)  This highly technical discussion included the challenges of scheduling jobs on modern asymmetrical multi-core architectures.  Both the hypervisor and the guest kernel are involved in scheduling work, but often cannot coordinate with each other.
  • Audio system design with Hypervisors including how GENIVI Audio Manager based designs can be done in a virtualized systems (Artem Mygaev, EPAM
  • Standardization of hypervisor APIs, a.k.a. "virtio and friends" (Matti Möll, Opensynergy)
  • Graphics/GPU Sharing (relation to the other domain-interaction project on Graphics-Sharing and distributed HMIs)
  • Opportunities for Cybersecurity enhancements using virtualization (Introduced by Sang-bum Suh, Perseus).  While a lot of the other discussions are naturally touching on the mixed- criticality aspect (different functional safety requirements), this discussion was diving into cyber-security which is also possible to enhance.
  • Health/Debugging/Analysis/Logging in virtualization based designs - in relation to other domain interaction project on System Health/Debugging and Analysis (Introduced by Gunnar Andersson).

Given the significant interest (full rooms at many of the sessions), GENIVI will continue the discussion in the context of a domain interaction project.  GENIVI welcomes additional participation, especially from OEM and Tier 1 experts using hypervisors in their products.  To join the project or stay aware of progress, visit the Hypervisor Project home page.

Upcoming GENIVI Events

GENIVI Networking Reception during TU-Automotive, 6 June (Michigan Beer Company, Novi, Michigan)

Registration for the seventh annual GENIVI Networking Reception during TU-Automotive Detroit is now open. The reception is being held from 6-9 p.m. EDT, following day one of the TU-Automotive event.   Members and guests are welcome to join GENIVI, our sponsors, and collaboration partners for an evening of craft beer sampling, cocktails, appetizers and “superior networking.”  With more than 600 guests expected to attend, this event will provide an excellent opportunity to network and do business with automotive thought leaders and influencers.

There will be several innovative demonstrations and vehicles on display hosted by our member event sponsors. 

Register here for this event with the password of “iwillseeyouthere”.

GENIVI Technical Summits

The next opportunity to gather for face-to-face, technical interaction on GENIVI work will be during an October technical summit, currently planned for early- to mid-October in Bangalore, India.  The exact date and location will be announced in coming weeks.

India offers a deep pool of automotive experienced developers and is also headquarters for several GENIVI members as well as the home of several development offices for other members.  GENIVI sees the rich opportunity to engage this deep pool of developers around targeted technical topics.  GENIVI leadership is exploring and will be announcing soon those targeted topics for the October summit and believe the potential is very high to make great progress on technical activities during the summit.

GENIVI is also exploring the potential of holding a second technical summit in the Silicon Valley area of California in the late October or early November timeframe.  Similar to the India summit, GENIVI will focus on 1-2 technical targets for this summit.

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NAB/GENIVI Workshop: A Fresh Look: Future of Radio and Cars Workshop 
5 June (3-7pm EDT)
Michigan Beer Company, Novi, MI
Registration (passcode is “radio”)

GENIVI Networking Reception during TU-Automotive
6 June (6-9pm EDT)
Michigan Beer Company, Novi, Michigan
Registration (passcode is “iwillseeyouthere”)


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