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YAMAICA is an acronym for Yet Another Model And Interface Conversion Application. It is a collection of Eclipse features which implement transformations between different interface description languages, editors and code generators. These plugins can be integrated together in one tool for convenient use and to avoid version conflicts.

The official project home page is


Eclipse Update Site:

The source code can be downloaded from the public GENIVI git repositories:

Platform Requirements and Feature Versions

YAMAICA VersionJava VersionFranca VersionIPC CommonAPI C++ Version
0.11Java 7+0.9.1n/a
0.10.0Java 7+
0.9.1Java 6+
0.9.0Java 6+

Note: The Sparx Enterprise Architect features of YAMAICA only work running with a 32bit Windows version of Eclipse/Java!



Step by Step EA to Franca using YAMAICA


This is a quick guide for anyone who is just starting with GENIVI's fully automated workflow for definition and transformation of software interfaces using EA, Franca and Yamaica Toolset.

For designing and transforming software interfaces, following tools are required:

1. EA: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a visual modelling and design tool for designing interfaces

2. Franca: Framework for definition and transformation of software interfaces

3. YAMAICA: An Eclipse based tool to provide easy usability of various features around usage of the Franca Interface Description Language (IDL) and IPC CommonAPI C++

Follow the below steps to install EA, Franca and YAMAICA toolset

Step - 1. Install Enterprise Architect (from Sparx System)

Step - 2. Install Franca update site

Franca Quick Install Guide [1]

Step - 3. Install YAMAICA Toolset

YAMAICA Quick Installation Guide[2]

Here you are almost ready with the basic setup which is required for designing & transforming your software interfaces.

Now, you can start design of your software interface in EA but before that there is one guideline below that you should go through at least once.

Recommendation: UML Interface Standardization Guideline  [3]


Step By Step Guideline

Now, it is assumed that you are ready with the basic setup of EA, Franca and YAMAICA, so, now you are just 3 steps away for designing and transforming your first software interfaces to Franca interface definition Language (FIDL) file.

Step – 1. Create EAP file & design your interface in EA

For creating EAP file follow the below steps:

File -> New Project

Reference: For more details visit Getting Started with EA [4]


Step – 2. Create YAMAICA project in eclipse

For creating YAMAICA project select File -> New -> others -> yamaica -> yamaica project


Step – 3. Import EAP file in your YAMAICA project

For importing EA file select “Import”

and now just browse your EA model from your file system.

Your FIDL file will be automatically generated as soon as your EAP is loaded into Yamaica.

You can see a 'sample.fidl' file bellow which is generated from our test.eap model.


Common API and Franca options


Generate D-Bus XML File

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