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Attendees: Visteon, Renault, Bosch, Continental (new participant):, Renesas, Gunnar, Philippe

  • apologies: Itemis, ITK
  • Gunnar and Marc reported on their discussion on how to generate the vsomeip.json files from the deployment files, they will look into available tools if any
  • roundtable when Armando (Conti) joins
  • discussion on possible Conti contribution to the testing of the Stage 2 Franca-ARA transformation tool: unitary tests (test of the mapping analysis), use case based tests, run-time tests
    • mapping analysis is there
  • review of the draft slide deck prepared by Giovanni for the report on GPRO project status


Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Christopher (ITK), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar, Philippe

  • Franca-ARA demo 
    • Gunnar: Showing Franca Demo for the 3rd time - what to do ? We should continue our focus on integration between multiple oses, i.e. by extending
    • the demo to other platform/OSes -> e.g. AGL Christopher: Ok for AGL & Android, but has to be a project. Suggest Renessas as hw platform.
    • Philippe: We need feedback if it's feasible in the time frame (1 month). Main thing is to port in AGL CommonAPI, Boost, Qt
    • Same applies for other OSes like WebOS or Apertis
  • AMM Franca-ARA workshop 
    • Marc: put in google doc the documents + started the presentation document
    • Philippe: we should target Friday 3rd of May to review the presentations
  • Franca/ARA stage 2 project 
    • Philippe: stage 2 will be funded.
    • Philippe: we had a good discussion with a new possible participant (Zonal Arch, Distributed Software Architecture). Need to talk with them about test cases.
    • For the acceptance testing, the mapping document from Marc and Klaus can become a specification,
    • mapping analysis is there
    • Marc and Giovanni have to provide very short text about the testing approach
    • We would like to engage the community in the runtime testing of Stage 2.
  • AOB
    • Marc: safety, certify the transformation tool w.r.t. ISO26262
    • how the tool would fit with Franca+?
    • these topics will be discussed in the next weeks


  • Franca-ARA tooling Stage 2
    • discussion tooling tryout - levels of engagement
      • simple tool code review
      • test the tool with internal use cases and provide feedback
      • try to integrate the tool in the company process and provide regular feedbacks
    • Market relevance for Franca-ARA tooling: report from each participant on which tests they intend to perform
  • Preparation of Renesas ERCC event (14 March)
    • mainly logistics
  • AMM workshop content
    • Klaus and Marc elaborated the workshop content and allocated workitems to presenters during the period

19 February