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Comment: Some clarifications in Application Manager intro


An Application manager component is needed to manage manages the overall responsibilities of the application framework infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to,may include launching applications, restarting applications upon updatesfailure or when updated, controlling the privileges associated with the applications, keeping track of application states (in focus / background, e.g. speech context and access to audio focus, life-cycle of applications).


Below is the comparison study of API's belonging to Application managerManager in Tizen and Apertis.


Sl No.Tizen Web APIDescriptionTizen NativeDescriptionApertis (formerly eCORE)DescriptionComments / Remarks

Gets the Application object

defining the current application

  CurrentActiveAppProperty update 
2killKills an application with
the specified application context ID.
  Its not exposed to application
but internal to the Application
Don’t see the need 
3launchLaunches an application
with the given application ID.
  LaunchNewApp ()Launch an application
from any other application
4launchAppControlLaunches an application
with the specified application
  OpenURI()This method is used to
launch an application
which handles the MIME
type of the
5findAppControlFinds application information
 can be launched with the
 given application control.
  AppLaunchDatabaseTakes the MIME type or
URI and returns the list
of apps that are capable
of handling this type
6getAppsContextGets a list of application
contexts for applications
 that are currently running
on a device.
  Its not exposed to application
but internal to the Application
Don’t see the need 
7getAppContextGets the application context
 for the specified application
 context ID.
Gets the application
context for the given
 ID of the application.
Its not exposed to application
but internal to the Application
Don’t see the need 
8getAppsInfoGets the list of installed
application's information
 on a device.
  Its not exposed to application
but internal to the Application
A complete list of apps
 is not provided
9getAppInfoGets application information
 for a specified application ID.
  GetApplicationInfoReturns manifest info to
the calling process
10getAppSharedURIGets URI of read-only shared
directory of application for a
 specified application ID.
   Not yet implemented 
11getAppMetaDataGets application meta data
array for a specified
application ID.
   Not clear if this is
different from GetAppInfo
12addAppInfoEventListenerAdds a listener for receiving
any notification for changes
in the list of the installed
applications on a device.
   Not implemented yet 
Removes the listener to
stop receiving notifications
for changes on the list of
installed applications on a device.
   Not implemented yet 
14    GetGlobalSearchAppsGlobal search is distributed
over all apps. This API
gives a list of apps that are
supporting global search
15    RegisterMyAppAll applications register
to application manager
16    SetUninstalledApplicationAppStore :Set the
application manifest
name which isuninstalled.
17    InsertNewEntryAppStore :Launcher
displays categories of
 applications and the
list of applications in
 each category.
18    SetInstalledApplication
AppStore :Set the manifest
file of the installed application.
21    "signal: AppLaunchDatabase
Update "
This signal indicates
an update of the database
24  app_manager_foreach
Retrieves all application
 contexts of running
25  app_manager_foreach
Retrieves all installed
 applications information.
26  int app_manager_get
Gets the ID of the
application for the
given process ID.
27  app_manager_get_
Gets the absolute path
to the shared data
directory of the
application specified
with an application ID.
28  app_manager_get_
29  int app_manager_is
Checks whether the
application with
the given package
name is running.
30  int app_manager_
Resumes the application.   
31  Many API's wrt
Application context
32  Many Api's wrt
Application information