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  • Remik gave some updates on CANDevStudio, planned more updates
    • There are plans to add CANDevStudio into the GDP SDE 
    • Newer versions of Qt and GCC are required
    • Discussion on toolchains, Ubuntu and Yocto versions
    • Gunnar: if we need to make an update to Ubuntu 16.04 we can, its doable
    • Remik: Another way is to just install later version of GCC into Ubuntu
    • Gunnar: Is the compiler issue a blocker?
    • Remik: I don't think the compiler issue is so urgent
    • Remik: Do you think we should integrate the latest proof-of-concept with more features or the latest stable master only?
    • Gunnar: You'll have to guide us Remik, if it works and its okay we can include it. As soon as you have something we can include it into the CI server
    • Remik: Is there still a chance to use AppVeyor (for Windows builds)
    • TODO: Jeremiah to re-try AppVeyor integration to check if the organization can exclude private repos
    • Stephen: Keep up the work
  • Update on Component specification work
    • Need to blow some wind into the sails again, would be nice to coordinate new meetings after the vacation time
      • This is still valid!
    • Franca+ repository available franca_plus repository
      • Extension of the Franca grammar with validation as a PoC, no additional tooling available yet
      • Early proof of concept
      • Franca-plus GitHub, discuss with Manfred (done)
    • We should have a regular time slot for these meetings so that we can make progress before vacation (done)
    • Manfred working on mechanism to partition component on certain devices
    • Manfred currently driving the open source process internally, hopeful that it will be quick
  • Once it is open source everyone can test and provide feedback on a hands-on basis
  • Internal discussions at Renesas on Franca to web based
  • Manfred stated that the changes that are planned are in the architecture description so the current IDL work should not disrupt the Franca web definitions
  • Gunnar has discussed the Franca web interface definition in several places
  • Franca to WebIDL should be possible, but apparently it is not widely used. We need to generate bindings on both the server side and the web side. There's a need to use JSON for example

Action Items

  •  Jeremiah Foster to re-try AppVeyor integration to check if the organization can exclude private repos  
  •  Jeremiah Foster Add an account on GitHub for Bernard Hennlich